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As the dwarf looked around, he knew he was home. There had been stories of the Tiger's Roar.  A place deep in the canyons of HighPass Hold.  Where the first Saga Family get-together was held.  Not the formation of Saga in Kelethin, but when the whole guild gathered to share their stories and enjoy their time together.

Tales had been written of the Gnolls that would attack and how the Family would fend them off on a daily basis.   And the time when the guild found out the bartender was part of a smuggling ring.  Wrong crowd to be doing bad deeds with.

It was a happy place. Friendly, warm, dry, friendly, cozy and friendly.  Many friends were made there and family members inducted or abducted into Saga.  The Tiger's Roar was home to Saga.....

But that was many years ago.  Many, many years ago.

In the Age of Destiny, Saga found a home in a small Inn.  Sagacity hosted a cozy place.  Again, new friends were made and fun was had.  It was a place for those that had lost their way to regroup.   A place for the lost lore of Norrath to be collected.   A place to relax, enjoy a brew or three, and listen to more stories of heroic deeds and colossal follies.   The Tavern prospered but soon the family outgrew it.   It was time to expand and find a place to fit the ever-growing family.

This place is it.

This is home.

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