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OOC/OT / so i found this in my old files today
« Last post by tanare on March 31, 2021, 06:48:31 AM »
   Everwars –Episode 3

   ((apologies ahead of time for the name misspellings))

    A real long time ago,  we last left our heros ((in posts which alas have been lost in time or I would have put all three up)). Young Anakin had joined the guild “Jedi Knights” and their allied guild “The Republic” while finally managing to corner Padme for some wild cyber after confusing her with her alts Queen Amidala and Senator Amidala for some time. Meanwhile he has grown annoyed with the slow pace his training under Obi-Wan Kenobi since “I am teh win! He is teh lose! I r0xx0rs!” as he sees it. Meanwhile civilization as they know it is falling apart as the Clone Wars continue causing many members of the “Jedi Knights” to leave in search of the Worlds of Tranquility, or get killed  off by the new uberguild “The Sith”. Now, the story continues.

   <You have entered Naboo>

Padme says “Ani I have to tell you something.”

Anakin says “What? U want more hot cyb0rz? Well I have to camp this droid army cause Obi-wan won’t make me an officer, cause’ he’s jealous, so I’ll get phatter l3wts than him.”

Padme says “No Ani I’m with child.”

Anakin says “WOOHOO! I r0xx0rs! Let’s name them R0xx0rz if it’s a boy and Cyb0rzbabe if it’s a girl.”

Padme says “Well Ani, I was thinking Luke if it’s a boy and Leia if it’s a girl..”

<Anakin grabs his throat dramatically and makes retching sounds>

Anakin says “Those names suxx0rz. U want everyone to think we’re ghey RPers?”

Padme says “Um Ani I’M a RPers. And so are our guilds.”

Anakin says “Just u wait til I’m in charge, The Jedi will rule! There’s lots of phat lewts we’re missing cause we have to stop and RP all the time. Chancellor Palpitane agrees with me.”

Padme says “Well the Chancellor has been forced to make some more aggressive decisions since the war began but I don’t think he’s an anti-RPer.”

Anakin says, “Damn I’m late, Master Obi-wan’s gonna whine some more at me, I’m better than he is. Gotta run babe.”

<Anakin kisses Padwe then runs out the door>

      <you have entered Tatoonie>

Mace Windu says “The Hutts seem to be aiding the enemies of the republic. We must beat off this army protecting them and put a stop to their ways.”

A_not_quite_stromtrooper_01 says “Yes master Jedi. We shall begin the attack.”

<battle rages on for some time, Master Windu leading the way when suddenly a lone figure appears from the dust wearing some odd blue armor that looks familiar to Master Windu.>

Mace Windu says “You! I thought you were dead in the arena how can you be here now?”

<a figure challenges Mace Windu to a duel to the death!>

<Mace Windu has accepted the duel. Begin!>

<the figure draws a blaster and points it at Mace Windu and begins to speak.>

The figure says “My name is Boba Fett, you killed my father. Prepare to die.”

<Boba Fett fires his blaster at Mace Windu who parries each shot as Boba Fett walks closer>

Mace Windu says “You father was an enemy of the Republic, he had to die. Step aside or I’ll be forced to slay you too.”

Boba Fett says “My name is Boba Fett. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

<Boba Fett fires a rocket from his backpack launcher. Mace Windu leaps aside and avoids the explosion>

Mace Windu says “I told you I had to stop him. Now step aside before it’s too late for you.”

Boba Fett says “My name is Boba Fett. You killed my father. Prepare to die”

<Boba Fett fires his cable wrist gun at Mace Windu who cuts the cord with his lightsaber and grabs the now in arms reach Boba Fett by the throat and yells>

“It wasn’t personal now stop saying that and step aside!”

<Mace Windu looks down and sees Boba Fett’s blaster pointing at his stomach. His eyes widen briefly just before Boba Fett fires.>

<Boba Fett has defeated Mace Windu in a duel to the death!>

Boba Fett says “ Wonder if the Sith are hiring…”

      <you have entered Corsicant>   

Yoda says “Much evil sense I. Strong the Dark Side is,  around the Chancellor centered it is. Stop him we must, young Skywalker lured to darkness he is.”

A_Jedi_01 says “Master Yoda, if you could speak with proper sentence structure we might understand you better.”

Yoda says “Mysterious the ways of the Force is. There is no structure or no structure. The Force there just is.”

<Count Dooga enters the Jedi chambers>

Count Dooga says “You weak Jedi, prepare to fall to the power of the Sith. Your weak RP ways shall fall before our l33tness! Who dares face me!”

Anakin says “I will fight U! U have a kewl lightsaber and I want it!”

<Anakin accepts Count Dooga’s duel to the death. BEGIN!>

Count Dooga says “Fool, I chopped off your damned hand last time we fought. AND I became a mighty wizard in my spare time so you have no chance.”

Anakin says “Ha! I got this kewl brown robe now and this scar across my face AND a metal hand! I r0xx0rs!”

Count Dooga says “Fool of a jedi, I am far more uber than you shall ever be! Prepare to die!”

< a white robed figure suddenly teleports into the room. Count Dooga’s eyes widen in shock>

Count Dooga says “YOU! What are you doing here? This isn’t even your universe!”

Gandalf says “Saruman, now called Count Dooga, you’re STILL banished from the council. Your lightsaber is broken!”

<Gandalf waves dramatically with his staff and Count Dooga’s lightsaber suddenly breaks in half>

Count Dooga says “Curse you Gandalf the Grey! Let’s see your magic stop this!”

<Count Dooga pulls out a blaster and aims it at Gandalf who waves his hand and sends the blaster flying off across the room>

Count Dooga says: What magic is this Gandalf? You knew no such magics before?!?

Gandalf says “You may call me… Magneto.”

<Gandalf teleports away as Count Dooga remembers he’s still in a duel.>

Count Dooga says “What Jedi tricks are these! Letting your friends interfere in a duel like that. And you call yourselves RPers!”

Anakin says “U R the lose! I am the win!”

<Anakin has emerged victorious in a duel to the death!>

A_Jedi_02 says “Sorry you still can’t be a master. Your manner of speaking makes even less sense than Master Yoda’s does. We can’t take two of you talking like this.”

Anakin says, “U R jealous that U couldn’t beat Dooga and I can. U suxx0rs! I quit!”

<Anakin has deguilded>

<Anakin storms out of the room>

Yoda says “To Master Obi-wan we must speak. Track down his errant Padiwan he must. The dark side in young Skywalker grows strong.”

   <you have entered Chancellor Palpitane’s office>

 Anakin says “They R so weak. They couldn’t even beat Dooga and he was a newb. It’s not fair!”

Chancellor Palpitane says “Yes young Skywalker, old and fozzilized are their ways that they feel threatened by the skills you possess. Perhaps you might work for me for a bit where your efforts will be appreciated.”

Anakin says “Woot! U R0xx0rs!”

Chancellor Palipatain says, “Good, my young friend. Your first order of business will be to lead the clone army that just happens to be outside the front gates here, to the Jedi Guildhall and tell them that they will not be allowed to raid again unless I give them posisition. We have a rotation of raiding in effect and we do not want them messing it up for us. New guilds trying to raid always upset the status quo and the agreements we have made with others. It would be better if they just stayed away from raiding completely. Do whatever is necessary to stop them”

Anakin says “Kewl! Let’s see them ignore me now!”

<Anakin leaves the room and begins ordering the troops around>

      <you have entered Naboo>

 Obi-wan says “Are you sure about this senator? To reroll after your children are born so Anakin won’t try to give them d00dish names after he finds you.”

Padme says “Yes Obi-wan, he’s become so d00dish that I can barely stand him. And all his talk about hating how the Jedi hold him down. He’ll be training people before we know it and I can’t stay married to him if he does. And I won’t let the children become corrupted by his ways. So you must hide my children Obi-wan, you’re my only hope.”

Obi-wan says “There is still hope for him, he is the Chosen One after all to bring balance to the force. I can help him get through this.”

<Padme shakes her head>

Padme says “You’re the one he hates the most. He hates having to take your orders, he thinks he’s stronger than you and that you’re holding him back from his potential. He might even attack you one of these days.”

Obi-wan says “Don’t worry Senator, it’ll be a long time before Anakin is more skilled in the Force than I.”

Padme says teary-eyed, “Please Master Jedi- hide my children when they are born. Some place where Anakin wouldn’t think to find them.”

Obi-wan says “If you insist Senator, I will see what I can do. But I have a bad feeling about this.”

   <you have entered Corsicant>

A_Jedi_01 says “Hey you can’t do this Anakin! Leading troops into the Jedi Guildhalls”

Anakin says smugly, “The Chancellor has told me to tell U not to do anymore raids without his permission. U R messing up the agreements he has with other guilds.”

A_Jedi_02 says, “But if we don’t advance then no one will come join our guild and we’ll start losing the Jedi already here and then we’ll just fade away into nothing.”

Anakin shrugs, “Not my problem. Do U understand your orders?”

A_Jedi_01 says “We will never agree to such outrageous demands! The Chancellor oversteps his rights to make demands on the Jedi!”

<the other Jedi all nod in agreement>

Anakin says “Then U are disobeying the Chancellor and U must be put under arrest!”

<the clones approach the Jedi who whip out their lightsabers >

A_Jedi_01 says “The Chancellor is the one causing all this trouble why can’t you see it Skywalker?”
A_Jedi_02 says “We will never give in to his unfair demands! Tell him that!”

Anakin says, “OK. Guards, seize them!”

<mass carnage and meleeing takes place as Anakin draws his lightsaber and joins the attack>

   <you have entered Chancellor Palpitane’s office>

Chancellor Palipatain says “So young Skywalker. Did the Jedi accept my request?”

Anakin says “No way d00d. They tried some ghey RPing stuff and wouldn’t listen to U so I trained all the clones on them, even their own guards. They’re all dead now though.”

<Palpitane puts his arm consolingly around Anakin and says>

“Such a pity that these things happen. Now I must blacklist the entire guild. So sad to see such an old guild come to this. But I have a mission for you, you must bring Master Obi-wan to me, he will cause trouble if he’s left outside alone. I shall have to find Master Yoda myself.”

Anakin says “Woot! Let’s see Obi-wan try to hold me back now! I’ll whoop his ass! But Chancellor, isn’t going to see Mast…um, Yoda kinda dangerous, you’re not uber like me U know.”

Chancellor Palipatain says “Don’t worry about me young Skywalker, worry about Obi-wan.”

      <you have entered Naboo>

Padme says “Well at least this was a quick birth. Obi-wan you have your orders. Hide the children.”

Obi-wan says “As you wish Senator, this is Chewbacca, a tailless vah shir, he doesn’t speak common but in the few minutes I’ve known him I trust him completely. He’ll take the boy to Tatoonie, Anakin won’t go back there because that will remind him of his mother’s death. And your daughter will be adopted by the Organa family on Alderran, they’ll keep her safe.”

<Padme nods at Chewie in approval>

Padme says, “Thank you Master Obi-wan and you Chewbacca. May the Force be with you.”

Obi-wan says “Are you ready for the reroll? You haven’t given me any gear to transfer?”

Padme says “I will not be keeping any of my old gear Master Jedi. I will not condone a course of action which will allow Anakin to sense my location though my old belongings. Especially those he gave to me.”

Obi-wan says “If you insist Senator, then what do you need my help for?”

Padme says “Because you must keep this secret for when my children are grown and can accept this. It is the most important thing for them to know since I will not be able to stay with them once I reroll just in case Anakin finds me. You must tell them…”

 <Padme has gone Linkdead>

         (Later- Anakin has finally tracked Obi-wan down)

      <You have entered Lavastorm>

Anakin shouts “Obi-wan where are U? U must come with me to the Chancellor or he will hunt U down for being an outlaw! And I will get to show U that I am more uber than U!”

Obi-wan shouts “How could you do this, the Chancellor wants to destroy the Jedi because our RP makes his look foolish! You should know this my padiwan!”

Anakin shouts “I dumped U Jedi. U suxx0rs! Then my cyborzbabe vanished on me. Do U know where she is? I’m getting hot!”

Obi-wan shouts “That’s because we’re standing at the edge of molten lava you foolish boy! Now come to your senses will you?”

A_wanderer_01 shouts “Take it to tells!”

Anakin says “U R always saying that! Foolish padiwan this, control your temper Anakin that. I r0xx0rs and only the Chancellor knows that. He said he might even let me join his raid guild after this!”

Obi-wan says “Is that what this is about? Loot? You know the Jedi have never been about loot. It is the experiences we seek in the world. Padme understood this!”

Anakin says “Shut up U! You’re jealous she married me aren’t U? She loves me!”

Obi-wan says “She did, until you grew consumed by your hate and turned to the Dark Side. Now she is ashamed to see what you have become and now her children are no more. Master Yoda was right about you all along it seems.”

Anakin says “She had the kids? Did she name them like I told her? They’ll be uber like me! Wait, U said they’re no more! U stole them didn’t U!”

<Anakin has challenged Obi-wan to a duel to the death>

Obi-wan says, “Please Anakin, do not make me hurt you. Trust your feelings, put aside your anger and what does your heart tell you.”

<Anakin grows thoughtful and stands silently for a minute as he wrestles his inner demons. Then he looks up and leaps to the attack with a shout>

“I am the win! U R the lose! I am more uber than U could ever dream of being!”

<Obi-wan has accepted Anakin’s challenge to fight. Begin!>

<the battle goes back and forth for some time as each combatant nearly kills the other>

Anakin says “Ha! I am way more l33t than U. And U were supposed to teach me?”

Obi-wan says “I don’t want to hurt you Anakin…”

Anakin says “Ha, that’s cause U can’t! Admit I’m better than U!”

Obi-wan says “I am sorry my padiwan but for the good of the Jedi it seems I must stop you before anymore Jedi are killed.”

<Obi-wan begins trying and forces Anakin back to the edge of the cliff where a chasm full of molten lava lies below>

Obi-wan says “Please Anakin for Padme’s sake, stop this and take my hand before its too late! You can still atone for what you have done there’s still time.”

Anakin says “Padme left me because of U, the Jedi hated me because of U. I’ll never join U again, not even if U were my father!”

<Anakin prepares to leap to the attack only to find the force of his foot on the cliff edge causes it to crumble and he falls into the lava>

Anakin shouts “NOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Obi-wan shouts “Anakin!”

<Obi-wan Kenobi has won a duel to the death. Anakin Skywalker has fled like a cowardly dog>

<Obi-wan looks down into the lava and sees no sign of Anakin>

Obi-wan says, “The time of the Jedi is over for now. I shall go to Tatoonie and keep watch on Anakin’s child, perhaps he is the last hope of the Jedi. It’s what Padme would have wished.”

<Obi-wan twirls his robes dramatically and wanders off>


<a burnt and charred figure tries to scramble to safety, his body in agony when he feels himself lifted up by an unseen energy and brought to safety at the foot of a hooded robed figure>

The figure says “Come young Skywalker, your time of destiny is at hand. Yoda has fled after our battle to a place I know not, the last of the Jedi save Obi-wan. Their time is done. Join my guild, join the Sith and I’ll give you this complete set of pristine Darkforge armor I crafted to make sure you will never be burned by a Jedi again as a token of how highly I regard you. Together we shall rule the universe!”

Anakin’s charred body croaks “A free set of armor! Woot! Sign me up! U r0xx0rs!”

      (The End- insert theme music)
OOC/OT / Re: Merry Christmas & End of 2020
« Last post by Alirrin on January 21, 2021, 10:34:30 AM »
In my mind, the new year started yesterday, and so far so good!  :D
OOC/OT / Re: Merry Christmas & End of 2020
« Last post by Lyrima on January 19, 2021, 07:29:05 PM »
YAY! So wonderful to hear from all of you  :smitten:

I'm late with the Happy and Merry wishes; I hope your 2021 is looking up.


OOC/OT / Re: Merry Christmas & End of 2020
« Last post by PinkRose on December 28, 2020, 10:37:22 AM »
Very Merry CHristmas was had and I wish you all Happy Holidays and good riddance to 2020.
OOC/OT / Re: Merry Christmas & End of 2020
« Last post by Askari on December 27, 2020, 04:15:23 PM »
Happy holidays to everyone!  (-:>
OOC/OT / Re: Merry Christmas & End of 2020
« Last post by Kalese on December 26, 2020, 06:33:43 PM »
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Saga.
OOC/OT / Re: Merry Christmas & End of 2020
« Last post by Alirrin on December 25, 2020, 04:23:59 PM »
Merry Holidays and Happy Christmas to you Talon, Corsair, and the rest of my extended Saga family. And may you all have occasion to give 2020 a good solid kick in the zeroes on its way out.


Hear, hear!  Jumjum pie for everyone, we deserve it!
OOC/OT / Re: Merry Christmas & End of 2020
« Last post by Jasyn on December 24, 2020, 10:34:52 PM »
Merry Holidays and Happy Christmas to you Talon, Corsair, and the rest of my extended Saga family. And may you all have occasion to give 2020 a good solid kick in the zeroes on its way out.

OOC/OT / Re: Merry Christmas & End of 2020
« Last post by Corsair on December 24, 2020, 04:42:25 PM »
Merry Christmas to you as well Talon, and the whole Saga gang. Hugs and kisses all 'round.

OOC/OT / Merry Christmas & End of 2020
« Last post by Talon on December 24, 2020, 02:34:18 PM »
Hi, Saga.
Merry Christmas and all the other wonderful celebrations of this time of year.

And happy end of this year approaching soon.

Love Talon
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