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InGame Conduct
« on: December 31, 2006, 11:15:47 PM »

We ask that you try to remain in character in /say /guild /group chat. /tells are appropriate for out of character discussion. If you do need to say something to the guild or a group out of character then please use (ooc) in front of your sentence or surround your text with (parentheses).

Loot Policy:

(This policy is for "guild groups” only. If the group is formed of both Saga members and non-Saga members, loot distribution will be decided by any method the group members agree upon.)

We have a need before greed policy in our family. If an item found is needed by someone, either now or in the future, and they do not already have it, it automatically goes to that person. In the event that there is more than one person who has a need for it, either now or in the future, then those people will /random for the item. Once someone has received an item, then in all fairness they will stay out of future rolls until all other group members in need have that same item.

After everyone who can use that item has obtained one, the others who do not have the item may roll for the next one that is dropped, even if they have no personal use for the item. This process continues until everyone in the group has obtained the item, whether they need it or not. When everyone has one of that same item, the process continues until everyone has two of the item, and so on.

When winning a /random roll, the person who wins the roll is encouraged to pass the item won along to someone else in the guild who needs it, but it's recognized that for many, especially melees, the only treasure found is the treasure found while in groups. If they wish to sell or trade the items instead, they're welcome to.

“Need Before Greed” may be suspended within a group if all members of the group agree that they will do this.


Should there be a situation that you believe needs to be addressed, please contact a council member in /tells. The council member will then do his/her best to address the situation. Please do not get into arguments in /guild chat. We consider this to be childish behavior. It is viewed as rude and it creates a feeling of discomfort for other guildmembers who are viewing guildchat. Council members will be handling each situation on a case by case basis. If a disturbance warrants a warning, then a council member will speak with the individual in /tells at that time. Later the council member will converse with the rest of the council folk to decide what, if any, action needs to be taken.

Please remember to follow your chains of command; take your suggestions to a council member.


Saga does not participate in guildwars.  Members are free to PvP via the /duel command or in the arena.  RP events planned or attended by Saga members that involve PvP are not "Saga" events. They are events planned and attended by individual Saga members, and should not be construed to be representative of the entire guild of Saga.

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