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SagaFamily is a multi-game guild that exists both In Character (IC) and Out of Character (OOC).

We are a close-knit circle of friends and family that began when a handful of  acquaintances gathered one day in High Hold Pass at the Tiger's Roar tavern. The friends discussed various threats that assailed them individually and as a group. They decided to declare a formal oath swearing camaraderie, loyalty, and protection to each other so that they might better stand against their enemies and the evil in Norrath. They formed a guild known as Saga and appointed a Guildleader to protect this oath. To share this responsibility, several Officers were asked to assist in ensuring that the spirit of the oath was kept by all who swore it--by those who swore it that night, and by those who might join the circle in the future.

Over the years, we have transitioned into a multi-game guild known as SagaFamily. It is overseen by the Executive Officer (XO), who has accepted the challenge of keeping tranquility under our ever-expanding roof.

Each individual guild is represented democratically by a Guildleader, Officers and Staff.

The Guildleader and officers are elected by the players who have characters in the guild. It is the OOC players who are elected, not the character.

IC, the Guildleader and Officers hold authority to swear new members into the guild, remove members deemed unworthy of our name and strive to make the guild members time spent in game a pleasant experience through scheduled and non-scheduled events.

OOC, the Guildleader and Officers exists to make administrative decisions (a representative democracy), elect staff, schedule and plan IC events and moderate the message boards.

Support Staff is appointed by the Guildleader and Officers by selecting from those who volunteer to do the job. Support Staff may or may not be officers. We rely heavily on individual volunteers to make things happen and to make things work in the guild. Members volunteer for many responsibilities, such as Ambassadors, Tradeskill Expert, etc.  Support Staff are not officers, and are not authorized to handle in-game or OOC guild matters outside of their particular appointed duties. Therefore, if you have a concern regarding SagaFamily or a member of SagaFamily, be sure to ask for the Guildleader or an Officer to handle your problem.

SagaFamily has long leaned toward a neutral/good alignment. Therefore, all guilds within will be of neutral/good alignment. We will not allow members to use extreme depictions in their IC role playing or in their IC stories (i.e. cooking babies in stew, torturing animals or enemies, sexual exploitation, etc.). All races and classes will be accepted so long as they have proven themselves, according to specific game mechanics, to be of neutral/good alignment. For example ... In EQ2, characters are deemed 'evil' when pledging loyalty to the city of Freport. Characters who wish to change their allegiance via in-game 'betrayal' quests are no longer considered 'evil' and may freely apply to our guild.

Players whose characters are admitted to the guilds may choose to create alternate characters or to re-roll their characters. These characters will also be admitted to the guilds so long as they are of good/neutral alignment as defined in this charter.

SagaFamily guilds do not participate in guildwars. If a member of the family needs defense, they may invite other family members to join them in battle against the aggressor, and many members may rush to support them. However, we do not expect that everyone will duel or war with others upon request. Some choose to serve their friends and family in other ways. This is to be respected.

One of the main OOC purposes of SagaFamily is to promote role-play. We encourage individuals to develop their own characters by exploring the worlds and reacting to them from their character's perspective. We believe that role-play can be achieved on a moment-to-moment basis, and that specific plots do not have to be created or followed to achieve an excellent experience. Every action taken by your character is a moment in the life of your character. We encourage players to incorporate daily occurrences into the stories of their characters, and to recognize that their characters will grow and change with each encounter and with each decision made.

We strive to be consistently IC during our in-game time, but we are both a fictional role-playing entity and a group of real life friends, we ask that you do your part to keep the line drawn between our IC personas and our real lives. When we speak OOC in game, we usually enclose the comments in parentheses to maintain that distinction. On our message boards, the forums are designated IC or OOC. Please use appropriate comments in each and be respectful with the information, whether IC or OOC, that you become privy too.

SagaFamily was formed based on friendship and was loosely defined. Members may not agree completely or even slightly on real world or game matters and it is these differences that have drawn us close and made us family. We've been republicans & democrats. Christians and Atheists. We've had doctors, lawyers, bartenders, librarians, social workers, teachers, techies & unemployed slackers. Roleplayers and Raiders. Gay & Straight. Single folks, happily married folks & happily divorced folks. Some of us are raising a second generation of SagaFamily members. We've been Dwarf, Gnome, Human, Halfling, Vah Shir, Froglok, Barbarian, Kerra, Ratonga, Erudite, Ogre, Fae, Troll, Tauren, Undead, Orc, Raki, Vulmane, Varanjar, Miraluka, Mirialan, Twi'lek, Zabrak and every form of Elf, even the incredibly annoying ones.

We've been inspired by amazing artists, writers and pirates of incredible imagination. We've helped each other through divorce, through loss, through childbirth. We've seen countless new jobs, new homes and new pets. We've ached when friends have left and rejoiced when they've returned. We've traveled across the country to hug each other. Good times. Bad times. Amazing, completely unforgettable times. We've had them all and we've maintained a respectful, warm home where deep friendships have been made.

And we welcome you to join us for all the times to come.

EQ2 again ~ Ellie (Kaladim), Noa (AB)
EQ again ~ Vee, Mak, Ellewys (FV)
ESO ~ Vieolah
SW:TOR ~ Emme
Rift ~ Noamuth, Euma
EQ2 ~ Noamuth, Ellendrielle
VG ~ Fie, Nymm
WoW ~ Izzra
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