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Inactive Policy
« on: December 31, 2006, 11:46:20 PM »

The SagaFamily has had a long standing saying that "Once Saga, Always Saga".  In that spirit, we'll have family leave and return for different reasons, and we're okay with that.  We always tell them that we'll be here when they get back.

But that's for the board, where the family meets.  Ingame is a bit different, there are time limits to regulate that our InGame rosters stay neat and current.

After 30 days have passed since your last log in, you will be moved to the inactive rank.  After 30 more days (a total of 60), you will be removed from the guild InGame.

But don't get upset, we'll let you come back, so long as you left the guild on good terms and weren't escorted out by the bouncers.  You just have to ask.

There are always extrenuating circumstances.  If an extended leave is planned, let us know.   Anyone at any time, for any reason, can request to have their character remain tagged.

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