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Electing Support Staff
« on: December 31, 2006, 11:54:33 PM »
How officers will elect Support Staff

After a discussion and vote, the Saga Family Elders have decided on how we will fill Support Staff jobs. We'll use two different methods to gather names to consider for the job. First, officers will suggest to the other officers the names of people they think are well qualified for the job and discuss these possibilities. Second, we'll post a notice describing the job opening available, and inviting Saga family members to volunteer for the job. Those who volunteer will send an email to the officers at

Both sets of names, those proposed by the officers and those volunteering will be put together in a pool of names for the Family Elders to consider. (It may be that someone the officers think would be good at the job will also volunteer.) The officers will consider all the names in the pool and vote. If the top choice in the vote has already volunteered, he or she gets the job automatically. If the top choice did not volunteer, but was among those nominated by the officers, we find out if he or she accepts or declines the job. If he or she declines, we consider another person for the job.

In the event that the officers are considering the possibility of having two different folks for the same Support Staff job, the system will be modified to allow the possibility of two top choices.

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