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A hard days night 9/25/02

Started by Saga Librarian, January 31, 2007, 02:31:17 AM

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Saga Librarian

Zastra Zun

The Bazaar is as always bustling with activity. Zastra is packing up the trader satchels checking the quality of the goods as they go down in the bags. A few Halas pies is discarded as they are starting to develop a mold.

Sigh, business is not good anymore. Life is testing him.

Tired he climb the stairs to the bar, for at least to treat himself with a few mugs and a halfway decent meal. Tired he settles himself at a corner table, digging into the grub he just ordered. He wanted the steak, he wanted the wine, but he decided for the grub and the ale. This was not the time to waste money.


With body spasms and with a frantic look around he reasserts himself. Was he yelling or was it just in his mind. The patrons look unabated, but then stranger things happens every minute in the Bazaar than a ragged gnome having mightmares.

With an absent mind he digs into the grub again, thinking back on the life as it has been lately.

The graduation from the Eldritch academy, and the subsequent bizarre events that led to his banishment seems so far away all of a sudden. He must concentrate on much later events before he can get back to that final ultimate quest.

His brother for once. Aztras a young hothead of a mage. Graduated from the Academy just recently, and in such a hurry to become powerful. Not once stopping to meditate and gain wisdom on his own, always demanding the easy solution from his big brother. It was a obligation that was wearing him out. Both physical and economic. He was always the one contributing, and Aztras always receiving. But at least he was family.

Family ... such a strange thing. A family is there for you, you are part of a family. But to suddenly wake up one day and have you family taken away from you. The guild that was called home and family was taken away, by the irrate actions of one person. Well maybe it was a blissfull act after all. Maybe the gods are just testing the resolve of Zastra.

But by Solusek are they testing.

With a final swig of the ale he looks around, catching the eye of a lass two tables away. Wishing he had the charm of his brother he tries a smile, but it is not returned.

Well the world will soon change. Aztras will become a great mage. Zastra will again regain confidense as a wizard, and a new family will present itself. Yes life will soon become better

With a positive mindset he smiles again at the lass. Eyes connect and with the fire of Solusek in her eyes she returns the smile. Yes life will soon become better.