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TOR - Staff Positions
« on: December 08, 2011, 11:08:12 PM »
Saga has a few support staff postions that are filled on a volunteer basis. These positions may change over time to suit the needs of the guild.

Will be responsible for making contact with other guilds, possible alliances and advertises our events to our larger community.

Responsible for sorting items into the right bank, clearing junk that people throw in there that they shouldn't, and yelling nicely at them about it. Will work with the Crew Skill Expert to identify quality crafting items.

The Bard is responsible for fostering roleplay within Saga, helping to create opportunities for it to occur, drawing out newer folks who may need some guidance, and so on.  As is Saga's long tradition, roleplay is community generated, consensual, and certainly not guided with a heavy hand.  Our Bard is a resource for the community and works collaboratively.

Will be the go-to guru for questions regarding crew skills. Will update the guild on crew skill changes. Will moderate the crew skill forum. Will work with the Banker regarding crew skill components in the guild bank. Will keep a list of those who request crew skilled items or compenents for crew skilling."

Will be responsible for organizing PvP events and for helping the guild to improve at PvP.

Will be responsible for organizing a small non-canon, less serious Empire side option for Saga players who wish to experience that side of the game.

Will be responsible for bringing useful information to the guild's attention, and, more importantly, for organizing resources, guides, and research to help people learn more about the game.

Will be responsible for checking the recruit entry hall forum and keeping tabs on all Saga recruits. Will be responsible for checking in on the recruits, answering questions and helping them find their way through the process.

Our Raid Coordinator is certainly not the only person who can organize a raid.  Just the one who's stepped up to take point on it.  The Raid Coordinator will organize some raids directly, and is also a knowledgeable resource for anyone else looking to do the same.

Will take the initiative to secure and organize it, keeping it up and running and moderated.
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