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I must protest! -EQ2- 6/30/05

Started by Anaris, March 05, 2009, 11:16:12 AM

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"Anaris' bags in the other" indeed.

Jasyn was carrying my bags LONG before he ever laid a finger on Anaris'! least she isn't wearing my dress anymore...

...I mean robe...


Oh good lord.


*eyes Pryce and sizes him up*

You may be a zillion decades older than I, but I have Illusionist seniority, Mister I'm-Barely-Reaching-My-27th-Circle-of-Knowledge....

Besides, your little vacation was far too long... Jasyn needed to feel useful again... *nods*

*pets Jasyn* You're my little Ranger, aren't you? *pinches his cheek*

*glares back at Pryce*


Mine! MY ranger!

*casts Fascinate at Jasyn*






You hussy!!

Quick! Someone beat Jasyn with a stick or he'll keep drooling!


Ow! Hey! Watch where ya's swingin' that thing! Wha'd I do now???

*eyes dart back and forth betweeen Anaris and Pryce inquiringly*


Jasyn, this... this strumpet tells me you've been carrying her bags!

You're supposed to carry my bags!

And just... just look!

*points at the "Member of the Month" notice on the bulletin board*

That... that cannot be borne! Are you some kind of two-timing bag harlot?

Exactly whose bags are you carrying, anyway?


*Gwenae is confused beyond belief*  I, uh, thought Jasyn always carried her bags!


*Pryce's finger whips around too fast to see*

No, no, *no!*

Jasyn has always carried *my* bags. Anaris, that robe-wearing copycat, started using my valet when I wasn't looking!

*fishes a spatula out of his robe*

I'm so mad, I could start waggling!


Yeah. I, um...

*glances at the bulletin board*

Oh! Boy howdy! When did that happen? I gotta drink to THIS! Woo hoo!

*wanders off to the bar, conveniently forgetting any disputes over bag carrying duties*


Kiaria gracefully glides into the room just as Jasyn turns toward the bar.

Hail to thee, Sir Pryce and my Lady Anaris.

Didst I hear spoken the words 'Bags' and 'valet' ? For if I may, I should most like to present my personal barbarian, Crulec!

Her bright smile fades a bit as she realizes he is still outside the tavern, stowing her many packs and parcels.

Ne'er thee mind, he shall join us verra soon. I am most marvelously grateful to my lady Anaris for her pearls of wisdom in acquiring one to carry one's bags. In fact...

Kiaria's warm brown eyes gaze about the room

Aye, Mister Flann is quite most excellently diligent as well. Thee mightest wish to speak to him of this matter.


Nooooo! Not the Spatula of Doooooom!!!!

*plunges into the air just in time to catch Kiaria and grab her so they can hide behind a desk*

H...he....spatula!!! AAH!


Someone change that note or I begin waggling!

I mean it!

*has a demented look in his eyes*


The note stays, Pryce! Why does this bother you so? *frowns at Pryce*

*Sitting down, Gwenae crosses her arms, one eyebrow raised while studying Pryce*


Heh. Whatever. I'll eat ya's sausage elementals for breakfast.

Put ya's spatula away before someone gets turned into a llama again. I got just the solution ya's been bacon for. It'll be over... easy.

*rummages through a pile of bags until he finds one actually belonging to him*

This thing'll do just the trick! Getta load'a this beauty!

*raises an odd looking device above his head*

It's called a gnomish tinkered ale helmet! Now I got TWO ales on m'head, Anaris' bags in one hand, and Pryce's bags in the other! Problem solved!

*gives everyone a thumbs up, dropping all bags as he does so*


*slurps ale*


You did it Jasyn! You finally found the gnomish invention of your dreams!

*gives Jasyn a standing ovation*

*hopes Pryce fears Gwenae enough to put the spatula away*


((omg! *laughs aloud, very loud* I just LOVE the picture talented folks in this guild. AND the creativity...! "Oops" ))

Kiaria dusts herself off and steps carefully nearer to Jasyn, peering at the contraption on his head.

Thee didst say tis a gnomish contraption..? Wherefore...

The Koada'dal steps back hastily as a narrow river of ale slips along the floor toward her daintily clad feet.


River of ale?

I think Jasyn has become me new best friend, aye!


*Gwenae takes one look at Jasyn and the frown that crossed her face turns into a broad smile.*

"Jasyn, you are one silly Elf. I admire your problem solving skills, though, I'm still trying to figure out how you carry all of those bags at once!"


Hmf. Well, as long as my bags are being carried. And it's best that Jasyn be as inebriated as possible. After all, only a drunkard can be that deadly when dual-wielding luggage.

*waggles the spatula at Gwenae on general principle*

*Gwenae dramatically doesn't turn into anything*

You were expecting something else to happen, perhaps?

*pulls his wand from his robe and ZINGs it at the Member of the Month posting*

Credit where credit is due, and all that.

*ZINGs his wand at Anaris, knocking a hair out of place*


*panics and lets out a slight screech*

Oh Pryce! How could you!? After all the effort I put into my hair you mess it up?! Of all people, I'd expect YOU to know the signifficance of that!


Jasyn, quickly! Please fecth me the bag labeled "Afternoon Emergency Hair Care Kit"!

*makes a face at Pryce*


(( oh. my. Dual-wielding luggage! Coming through! LOL!  ))

*tries to figure out which bags belong to Pryce and which belong to Anaris, undoubtedly leaking more ale into each bag as he hunches over them*


*hands Anaris a bottle of disinfectant hand moisturizer*



Ooo! Ooo! I can help!

*politely licks her large palm and tries to mat the stray hair on Anaris's head back into place*


*gasps at Freyja*


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