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Started by Anaris, September 11, 2009, 05:37:53 PM

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After 5...almost 6? years since the game's been out and this account was activated, I -finally- got a char to 80!  Take that, Borus!   :buck2:

Speaking of the Borus,  in digging through my SS's I found the one of when Bahl beat EQ2:


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Congrats, Bella!

And why do you call him Borus? Is he hunting for moose and squirrel with Natasha?

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Aren't you supposed to put those pixelated smudges over my face and any references to me in any screenshots! 8(


Is Kage in the Witness Protection Program and you forgot, Bella?


(( You know I had no idea that 80 was the highest level. ))

What'cha gonna do NOW Bella?
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Congratz.  Now Anaris can be jealous of Bella, hehe.
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EQ2: Luxelen, Anaris, Nixabella   GW2: Aramaia.4365


Belartedly, but not too much so, well done, Bella.  You worked very hard for this, and your accomplishment should be celebrated!
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That's a major milestone!



Hey nice work Ana!!!

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Awww Ana-bananna, you truly earned your geek card   O0
Maybe you could give your little buddy Brimble some pointers   :coolsmiley:
I aint got nuttin ta say!


hahah awww Brimble Bramblewood!

Thanks all!  :smitten:

Well last night, erm...this morning, Renei, Arthesis, and I went to Chelsith to get me that journal for my epic starter. We got lucky and it dropped near the entrance.  After talking to that fellow in New Tunaria, we ventured into the depths of Chardok -without- a healer, just the three of us!

After a record 23 deaths for me, and I don't know how many hours of blood/sweat/tears/deaths/FDs/rezes/wipes, I got all the updates!  Now the 1st "hard" part is over, the next hard part will be the last part, in Sebilis.

Namae, in true style, was a trooper, staying up way past her bedtime to help me in spite of the delirious state she was in at the end (heheh which was classic....)

*snuggles Namae*

EQ2: Luxelen, Anaris, Nixabella   GW2: Aramaia.4365

Dicey Reilly


Quote from: Anaris on September 14, 2009, 11:44:21 AM
After a record 23 deaths for me

Hrmm... I dunno... are you positive that's your record?  :angel:

I was estimating that I'd have Jasyn there by the end of this year (with adv xp off, mind you), but due to unforeseen circumstances and reduced ig time, I'm not banking on it... there's always next year, though!  I hope.

At any rate, conga rats!  ...or, erm, conga badgers!

:bdg  :bdg  :bdg  :bdg  :bdg  :bdg  :bdg  :bdg  :bdg  :bdg  :bdg  :bdg  :bdg  :bdg  :bdg  :bdg


Hehe, thanks Jasyn, you'll get're still older than Anaris.  /nod

I just want to give a big THANK YOU to Renei, Erendor, Ravenns, Noehy, Wayena, Bou/Mabb, Kagemaru,Talemus, Zerzal, Liasanya, and Arthesis for coming out and helping me with the various tasks I had to do to complete my epic!!  I look forward to assisting Saga and friends with their epic and mythical updates!



/goes on vacation

EQ2: Luxelen, Anaris, Nixabella   GW2: Aramaia.4365


Anaris/Bella said:

Quote/goes on vacation


None of that!

Back to work!!!