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Appriciation in it's finest

Started by Paxzhea, December 06, 2009, 12:50:59 AM

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javascript:void(0); Hello everyone I have not yet met... I want to say thank you for allowing me to be here in your beautiful and highly respected guild.
I have not always appeared in this form (human) and this is a long story better told in person but for time being I can say that the beginning of my life actually ended as a love and broken hearted.
With much detail left for the best time I am now finding new meanings in life and setting out to become a whole again. Those who I have met lately have helped more than accounted for with that and I am greatful.
The sun can rise again and I can sleep well assured I am safe now.
I will be of aid to those who need me for I am in Saga's debt .



*smiles and looks into Paxzhea's eyes*

Oh sweet, sweet Paxzhea, there is not debt to repay, Saga has always helped those in need.

*flourishes a circular wave*

M'lady, look around these halls, here you will find many that sought refuge and were welcomed with open arms.

*speaks a little louder than needed, so those listening from behind the collums and hidden behind furniture can hear*

And as long as I still walk these halls, we shall continue to do so.

*smiles and gently kisses Paxzhea's forehead and pulls her into his chest*
I aint got nuttin ta say!