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Bead's Decorating Information

Started by Bead, October 25, 2009, 08:14:25 PM

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Hello, I've asked to be placed in the book as a decorator. Being new to the server I don't have anything on Antonia Bayle to show my talents. I normally take people on a tour of a few houses or show them the things I was responsible for within my guild hall over there but, that's not really possible for those on this server who don't have alts over on Lucan D'Lere. Because I really want people to know that they will have quality work if they ask me to work on their houses I decided to make a webpage. It's titled Homes by Bauble because she's my level 80 Carpenter over there and whom I normally use to decorate. You can follow this link to take a look. Thanks!
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Well done, miss!  We'll see about Namae putting it up in our links section if Namae can!   :bdg

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Very nice.  I really liked Shyen's house.  I loved the kitchen, and loved the ideas you had with the vampire mirrors.
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