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Paxzhea's Life story...(( gets dramatic....))

Started by Paxzhea, December 09, 2009, 07:07:36 AM

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Name: Paxzhea  Race:Human *(used to be fae)  Gender: Female  Alignment:Good
Deity:Marr  Tradeskill:40 Jeweler  Level: currently 78

Pax was born a fae in the city of Kelethin. Born with married parents and one twin sister named Saphyrriah. Pax had a normal upbringing and was well loved. As a young adult one day ventured into butcherblock and found a dying Wizzard ,healed him and as his gift back for saving his life he gave her a human that she could be with the human she had fallen in love with. Her parents were hurt over this and angry,Pax rebelled and sent off to find this human man,thinking she could conquer the world.When she found him,he was already in the arms of another.Devestated Pax went home,only to find Orcs had killed her parents and destroyed her home..surviving was her twin.Pax went on in life..feeling useless and resentment,hurt and unwanted.
Wanting to please the queen of Kelethin she joined an evil guild to spy on their network but as she became more involved  with a new found love inerest Pax was caught with her spying and threatend with her life.Pax ran and set out to become part of something strong and to find a place where she belonged. In this chapter of her life ,she had found her heart was not completely shatterd and her worth not useless.She had become close again with her twin sister ,made amends in her life with her God and swore to protect all that were good with her heart and her blade. 


Dramatic annnnnd short   :P
Just hope you enjoy your time, like I said, this is a GAME, too many people forget that   :coolsmiley:
I aint got nuttin ta say!


*Nixabella dabs at her eyes with a handkerchief*

"Oh Pax, what a terribly tragic past you have!  I most certainly hope that you've found happiness!"

*hugs Paxzhea*

EQ2: Luxelen, Anaris, Nixabella   GW2: Aramaia.4365