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Special Offer, expires soon! Free display name change!

Started by Alirrin, December 13, 2011, 03:19:11 PM

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As SW:TOR finally arrives (WOOHOO!) and everyone gets their characters made,  anyone who wishes to change their display name here on the forum can request it.  This goes for old veterans who want to update to the new game as well as new recruits who just had no idea what to call themselves when they signed up. Heck, even if you aren't playing TOR but want to update to reflect your current/most recent game, jump on in!

Since we are a role-play guild, we highly encourage names that fit the mood of our games.  Even if your name doesn't match your character in game (though that's certainly simplest!), having it feel like either a fantasy or science fiction name rather than a "handle" (to drag out the old BBS term) goes a long way toward making the site feel like a center of role-play, particularly to any visitors who come by.

To request a change, send a PM to Alirrin stating the name you want to display. I will make the change, and also add a tagline to your profile indicating your former name, to help people with the transition. We ask that you leave that tagline in place for at least a few weeks, and also not change your avatar as that visual clue will help folks adjust.

Please note that this will not change your username for logging in to the site. That will always be the name you registered with. This just changes what displays on the board.

Hurry and get yours while supplies last!
EQ2 - Antonia Bayle: Quince Flutterfoot, Frixobulus, Sunbeam


Just wanted to bump this so everyone remembers the offer is available.  No one is required to change, but we highly encourage having at least an RP-style name, if not having your board name match your character.

Also, if your board name does not match your character, or if (like me) you have a lot of characters, we encourage you to go to your profile and add a signature block saying who your characters are.
EQ2 - Antonia Bayle: Quince Flutterfoot, Frixobulus, Sunbeam