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((This would actually be a stack of journals bound together sitting in Bella's office , but considering the length of the tale I thought it better to just have the journals refer the reader here.))

     I know that many among you consider me to be old ,and that is justified. It is commonly known that I lived in Felwithe before the Rending , but the truth of my age is something known to very few. In all honesty I do not remember the year of my birth , my memories of those days are hazy to say the least. I am sure there are records I could find to to give me hints as to my true age but in truth , it matters little to me. I am more than willing to leave many of my memories as they are.
     I was ... born in the years when Felwithe was still under construction , many millennium ago. My House was prominent in the city in those days , my father being an influential noble. As such , I was raised in the Courts of the city. I am sure even now this sends questions racing through your mind , due to my longevity and why I did not mention my mother. Those questions will be addressed I assure you.
     I grew up as every other young noble of the city did , never noticing the slight differences. I quickly outgrew my peers , growing to tower over them. In addition I found my strength and stamina to be much greater though my body mass and build were not much more than theirs. My father being a Paladin , I was raised in the ways of the blade and in the faith I still hold to. The Mother has guided my steps for many millennium.
     It was not until later that I discovered the reasons for my differences , shortly after the days when my father died of a mysterious illness. It seems my mother whom everyone had thought dead had returned to claim me. As for my mother .... this next bit will be something more akin to a history lesson than a story about me , though to begin to understand it is a story that needs to be told.

     In the early days of Norrath the first creatures I know tales of walking the land were the children of Veeshan. For the readers who may not know the meaning of that , simply put ... dragons. I am likely one of the few still living who has waked on Velious and seen the scars left by Veeshan's claw. The first brood of Veeshan still walk the world , many of them ancient and powerful beyond imagining. Some of their names are known , though others have never been recorded. Lord Nagafen , Lady Vox , Lord Yelniak ... those are the names I have come across and I am sure there are others still buried in my journals.
     There was another in those days , her name was wiped from any records though. She grew jealous and fearful of the younger broods , desiring their wealth for her own and afraid they gain enough power to challenge her. She felt justified in what she did , killing off the younger ones and taking their treasures as her own. The others of the first brood saw the problem in this , she was killing off the younger whelps and if hey let her continue their entire race might die out.
     They devised a plan and carried it out. The decided to trap her in a mortal form  to hamper her ability to cause their race any more damage. Unfortunately doing so did nothing to lessen her power , merely trap it in a smaller container. She swore she would one day regain her form and seek her revenge before fleeing. I do not doubt the intelligence of some , so it is like some readers may have an idea as to whom this way. She was trapped in the form of one of the oldest of mortal races , a Koada'Dal. At the time they were simply Dal , but she bears the features of those who later came to be known as Koada.
     For thousands of years she sought a way to end their curse , perhaps growing a little insane during those years. I am not sure which inspired which but I am sure some have heard of the creation of the Sarnak , combining the essence of Iksar with that of dragons. She chose to experiment with something much the same but on a smaller scale. Most of the things she created were simply abominations , until one day she had more luck than she had before. She came to determine that she might have greater success with one of a pure bloodline.
     As many may have guessed by this point , it was my father she chose. Using her abilities she attracted his attention , playing the damsel in distress. Claiming to have no family and no where to turn. My father took her in and she slowly used her magic to charm him and convince him to marry her for appearance sake. She found the caverns beneath our original family home and set things up to continue her experiments there. She took her time setting things up for this experiment and she was greatly pleased with her results. For days she watched her creation , finding no flaws with what she had made. She had thought her creation perfect , she couldn't know of the flaws that she had instilled simply by using her essence.
     I am still unsure whether she gave birth or merely created me as an infant , her journals are not clear on the issue , but either way ... I was the result of her experiment. Shethen left me with my father and faked her death , seeking time to exalt in the fruition of her plans and to allow me to grow. Something she did not consider was leaving me in the care of my father , a Paladin. I was raised as much by the Orders as by my family , taking the vows seemed only natural to me.

((Going to end this here for now. I will continue with another volume later today or tomorrow))