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Post Here: Your Kudos and Comments to the Stories Written
« on: August 02, 2006, 08:39:03 PM »
Dust the webs from these volumes, as you relax into Sagacity's red velvet chair.  This is our history.  These are our people.

Most have long past through these halls not to return in this lifetime, but I do believe thier spirit still remains.  Speak out to them here, of praise and accolades.

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Re: Post Here: Your Kudos and Comments to the Stories Written
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A light step stirs the thickly layered dust.  A slight sigh disturbs the cobwebs that drape over the musty volumes.  And a whispery voice speaks softly in the darkness, with no audience but its author.

"Old, indeed, are these stories.  Though strange magics may blur the passage of years and confound memories, the weight of these histories is their own testimony.  Too much has passed to deny it."

Thin fingers pass over the names and the bindings, probing their contents by touch alone.

"Dara, who was devoted more to her craft as jeweler than enchantress.  I surpassed her in magic, if not in art.  Bippin and Bindi, who were quick with both their daggers and their kindness.  Keshu, noble and aloof.  Halus and his broad axe.  Eliezer, whose secrets I carry to this day, not truly recorded here at all.  Mixxi, more courageous than her stature could ever suggest.  And so many more..."

The aged elf wanders through adventures of days long past.  Time has smoothed away whatever harshness there may have been at times, and the hardships endured.  He frowns for a moment over the official beginnings of the guild, as a fellowship of friends drawn together in a tavern.  It's true, of course, but it omits the fracturing of an even older fellowship.  Ah well.  Such is the way of things.  Cycles of destruction and rebirth.

He pauses at his own early history.  Preserved and transcribed along with the other records and volumes.  Such arrogance and hot youth.  To think he was so sure of his knowledge and wisdom, then.

"We were arrogant and hasty and foolish, yes.  All of it.  And yet we must have built something, at least.  Saga has a wise historian to preserve so much.  Amid cycles of destruction and rebirth, it is history that enlightens or degrades us.  Shall we spiral upwards or down as we continue around the gyre?  Only with wisdom from our past can the next adventure be brighter and more true."

A brief spark ignites from the old elf's eyes, and his fingertips flare with magic.  Spells long-ago forgotten come unbidden to his mind.  Magic to control and protect, compel and destroy.  Such arts have long been unused and unneeded.  His work has been to learn and explore inner mystical realms, not to do battle.

"Old are the stories and long is the history, but the life of an elf is longer still and it too has many cycles.  Perhaps I am coming to a new one.  This hall may yet stand for more than memories.  But not quite yet."

He allows himself a final, brief smile.  Then he steps back into the deepest shadow.  The dust settles, and the cobwebs are still once more. 

((written as Valquiss))
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Re: Post Here: Your Kudos and Comments to the Stories Written
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Wow.  *shivers happily* 
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