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WeeklyRP Update

Started by DEl, February 14, 2012, 02:37:36 PM

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Hey guys! Sorry this is placed somewhere different then Ive been putting the rp updates. Enjoy, and keep your eyes peeled. This week a LOT is going to go down with "Spies" that everyone is, as always, invited to hope into.
Weekly RP Update for 02-05-12

This week the rp rolled on as alliances where strained, once enemies formed strange alliances, and investigations into the mysteries of the Grand Moff Foo Foo Dolls and the Galactic Republic Waa Waa Dolls start to come to a head.

While making a fuel stop at the Republic Fleet, Captain D'el was approached by a smuggler by the name of Zhane and a Jedi by the name of Ciraelyn. Zhane began asking questions to Captain D'el about the dolls which, at first, D'el thought was another business deal. The conversation soon started to become an interrogation, as Ciraelyn began questioning D'el about someone that he knew well; the Sith Zydron.

Zhane and Ciraelyn revealed that they where in fact investigating Zydron for numerous crimes; amongst those murder. D'el, now worried for Anka's safety, tells them about how Zydron had influenced Anka to be his apprentice, advising them that for further information they would want to speak to the Jedi Vivek.

As they spoke, D'el could tell that a third person was watching them, but could not really see who. He confided in Cirealyn, giving her an "accessory" to the dolls, which in fact was a receiver to pick up transmissions from the dolls. They then parted ways, both planning on their next move against Zydron.

Back on Coruscant and a few days following their drunken actions, Eldra requests for Vivek to meet her at the Senate tower. The two began to discuss what had happened between them the previous night. They both seemed uneasy, uncomfortable, and confused about the entire situation. Eventually, the topic segued into Anka and Zydron. As the discussion went on, it was becoming increasingly apparent that Eldra was hiding something from Vivek, so much so that Vivek was forced to take action.

Vivek uses the Force to delve into Eldra's most prominent memories and catches glimpses of her past. Just as he was about to release his hold on her, he found a wound deep in her mind. When he approached it, he saw glimpses of Zydron exerting his influence on Eldra in order to gain her trust, at least long enough to allow Anka to become his apprentice. Vivek immediately cleanses Eldra of Zydron's influence. After the procedure, Eldra was too weak to travel on her own. Vivek allowed her to stay on his ship, the "Zandra" until she fully recovered.

Meanwhile, on Korriban; Anka's training gets under way. While Anka is training the Inquisitor Val'ris, who is still investigating Anka, makes an unusual discovery about the former Padawan that could put her position as an apprentice in a difficult state. Val'ris finds out that Anka has a peculiar genetic dysfunction, making Anka incapable of interpreting particular emotions in herself and from other individuals. Despite her condition, she continues to show promise through her pain, mental, and physical training.

While on Korriban, the Sith Zydron Mox sends a message to the Jedi Carnada. Carnada receives the holo-message from Zydron while en route to Voss. He wishes to meet and chat. After some meditation and thinking on the request Carnada accepts and replies to Zydron's message telling him she would be on Voss. The next day while relaxing in a Cantina in Voss Kaa, Carnada is approached by Zydron. She jumps slightly as she didn't feel him approaching. Zydron suggests that they go sit outside in a lovely promenade area.

The pair begin chatting it up, and Carnada says she assumed he got her Comm frequency from Anka, but is surprised and worried when he said he hadn't. They begin to discuss Anka as Carnada was curious how she was doing. Carnada brings up that she had been interested in being Anka's Master, but things had obviously not taken that path. The two change topic and Zydron tells Carnada the story of Voss. Carnada is intrigued and tells the Sith she wants to take his side of the story and compare it with that of the Jedi Archives.

Zydron then inquires about how Carnada joined the Jedi order. After telling him the story of how she found her way to the Jedi order, Zydron then asks Carnada what she thought of love. Carnada let's her personal belief on the subject be known, which she immediately regrets. Carnada didn't know what it was about this man and but she was letting down her barriers. Zydron then asks Carnada an odd but extremely calculated question: Did she believe the Jedi Code was a lie. Carnada promptly says no, and that she interprets the Jedi code the way she was taught by her master. She allows herself to feel emotions, but can control them, and cast them away when the time is needed.

The two debate the philosophies of the Jedi and Sith. The debate starts to hit some personal notes for both Zydron and Carnada. It soon becomes time for Carnada to depart, as she needed to head to some ruins where she was to assist an archeological team with some findings.

Meanwhile, Jedi Kestral and Major Coleman return from a classified mission that they had been sent on. They had missed the release party for the dolls, but where pleased to see that things where moving well on that front. While on patrol on Balmorra, Kestral saves a trooper named Tangaroa. Then later, while on patrol in an outlaw area on Tatooine, Kestral runs into another counselor named Garran. The two of them are attacked by a large, slow talking Sith who looked familiar to Kestral.

Kestral sends a message to Coleman's elite Squad 315, inquiring about the Sith and the attack. A meeting was scheduled for the next day on Coruscant to discuss this attack. When Kestral arrives, she finds another member of Squad 315, the Jedi Verinnius. Verinnius inquires about the battle with the mysterious Sith, and also about the Dolls and what roll Squad 315 was playing with them. As they walked into the Dealers Den, a man with a droid approaches Kestral.

The man, who's name was Arkonus, asked if she knew "The Major." Arkonus told Kestral that the droid had been following him since he'd left Dantooine and that it was insistent on being taken to someone called "the Major." Kestral attempted to contact Coleman to see if he had any information regarding the "Major" or the droid, but Coleman didn't answer over the holocom.

Kestral asks the man if he had any further information. He shows her an aged lightsaber. It didn't look familiar to Kestral, but she instructed Arkonus to take it to the Jedi temple on Tython to see if someone there could identify it. As Arkonus leaves, Verinnius introduces a companion to Kestral. It turns out that Verinnius had been assigned a padawan whose name was Talisman. Kestral greeted him as Coleman joined them and they discussed the dolls, the mission and a probable deployment to Tatooine.

On board the "Zandra", Major Beviin and Vivek roar through space, with Eldra sleeping in the med bay. Beviin finally tells Vivek about her fling with Tormuck, an associate of Zydron's. Beviin admits being lost and confused about the entire ordeal, and hopes Vivek will have a solution. However, Vivek decides the best way for Beviin to get over this, is to exploit her relationship to get closer to Zydron and Anka. Their conversation is cut short by an unexpected call from an unknown Jedi by the name of Rell.

Meanwhile, on Kaas City, Anka joins Zydron at the Kaas City Cantina. Public socializing is a lesson all its own and Anka is offered an opportunity to meet more members of the Massassi Jen, a part of the Vu'traat. The party is later interrupted by the presence of Lady Chyna and her escort Lord Rayven. The business matters for the Vu'traat get put on pause as Zydron entertains Lady Chyna and company.

Anka opts to listen and learns of a fraction between the 47th and ORCA. Surprised and now concerned for the health of the Waa Waa Doll distribution, Anka sends a holo-message to Lady Felding on board the Bitterluck and asks that she deliver it to D'el. This contact has been Anka's first in nearly two weeks since her training with Zydron began. Eldra quickly takes a copy of the dataspike to Jedi Vivek.

A day later on Nar Shadda, D'el, along with his navigator Ty'lira and her lover Gos meet for two business meetings at the Slippery Slopes. There, they speak with the courier, Levi, who tells them about an event that he is planning. Levi asks D'el if Shellburne would be interested in backing the event, using the dolls as incentive. After a tense moment between Levi, Gos and Ty'lira, D'el agree's to give Levi the backing he is looking for.

After the conversation with Levi, D'el, Ty'lira and Gos are flagged down by their second meeting for the night.... Damon Mott of ORCA. Ty'lira and Gos excuse themselves for the night as D'el and Damon Mott discuss a shipment for a third party. They agree to meet on Tatooine in two days to discuss this shipment further.

Back on the Republic Fleet, Rell requests the presence of Jedi Master Vivek, although providing limited details as to why. Since Eldra and Beviin are already aboard  the "Zandra", he decides to bring the two along. On the Republic Fleet, the trio meets up with a large number of True Covenant members. As the three walk on to the fleet for the meeting, they are scanned for weapons, and are consistently scanned throughout the meeting.

Rell leads the meeting, getting straight to the point: Zydron used to be a True Covenant member, but ended up killing their former leader; Rell's father. In their quest for justice, the True Covenant's intelligence returned to them the names Anka and Vivek. Since they could not find any substantial information on Anka, they sought out Vivek in hopes of learning of Zydron's whereabouts.

Vivek was cautious about the entire situation, and warned that he would withhold information if he felt that it could potentially compromise Anka's safety. Several True Covenant members grew increasingly suspicious by these statements, and the meeting became more like an interrogation. With tensions rising, Vivek briefly explains Anka's situation and his loose, indirect connection to Zydron through her.

Still not satisfied with Vivek's answers, the True Covenant turned to Eldra and Beviin. Beviin remained silent, but Eldra was willing to talk for the right price. Rell obliged, giving her 50k credits. Eldra provided them with more details about Anka, Zydron, herself, Vivek, and even Endearon. Feeling that Eldra was being too open with these strangers, Vivek had Beviin escort Eldra out.

Before leaving himself, Rell gives Vivek a holo-communicator as a direct line of communication between the two. Rell asks that he be informed of any developments. He also promises that in light of their testimonies, Anka will become a priority for him and the True Covenant, although Vivek has his doubts.

Meanwhile on Coruscant, the Jedi Qual had heard reports of Shellburne being investigated. He decides to track down D'el to see if there were any problems. Qual instead finds Ty'lira in the Dealers Den with the smuggler, Gos and the Jedi Carnada. Qual talks to the three, saying he wants to help D'el. Ty'lira tells Qual that D'el is keeping a low profile at the moment and that any messages to him can be given to her. Carnada inquires to Lira why he would be keeping a low profile. Lira tells Carnada, "Business is good, as he says."

The Jedi Ailura returns to the Dealers Den to continue her investigation on Shellburne. As she walks into the cantina she see's Ty'lira and walks over to her. Ailura strikes up conversation to try to get more information from Ty'lira. While Ailura asks Ty'lira questions about Shellburne, Qual asks repeatedly if he could talk to D'el in private. Ty'lira denies Qual, and the conversation simply descends into a bit of a terse argument between Ty'lira and Qual. Deciding that he had barged in rudely, Qual buys a round of drinks in apology.

Ailura continues talking with Gos and Ty'lira. She makes up a story, telling Ty'lira that she plans to go see how the children at the orphanage like the dolls. Ty'lira mentions how they can ship the new dolls anywhere in the galaxy. Ailura and Gos then chat for a few moments about the dolls and other things. After awhile Ailura decides to leave. Before she goes, Ty'lira asks to speak with her alone and they step out of the 'Den. 

Ty'lira asks if Ailura is alright, noting that she seemed "nervous" the last time they met. Ailura admits to being distracted but assures Ty'lira that nothing is wrong.  Ty'lira asks Ailura to be careful. Ailura agrees, sensing that Ty'lira is hinting at something. Ty'lira gives Ailura a disk with her contact frequency on it, and the two say their goodbyes.

After buying the round of drinks, Qual spots Kestral and Jerran, a member of Squad 315, in the corner of the bar. Also being a member of Squad 315, Qual decides to go talk to them. Kestral had apparently planned to hold a squad meeting at the bar, and they were simply waiting for others to show up. When Coleman and other squad members show up, the briefing gets underway.

The news was alarming. Apparently Coleman had an imperial informant, a Sith Lord, who had dropped out of contact. Worse yet, he had told the Sith about the doll shipments. Jerran and Qual were borderline outraged at this discovery. After a few moments Qual decides not to pursue the matter further in argument, finding it better to act, and quickly.

Qual decides to find Ty'lira as soon as possible and excuses himself from the group. Qual finds Ty'lira, and informs her of the urgency of the matter. Asking to speak to him in private, they leave the cantina and meet beneath the Market landing pad. Qual informes her of the urgent news. Ty'lira wants to know the name of the contact. Qual doesn't have that information and states that Coleman was the one who would know.

They arrange to once again meet in private with Gos and Coleman present. Coleman refuses to reveal the name of his source, stating that he would deal with the matter and they did not have to worry. After much back and forth the group agreed that Coleman would make arrangements to have the shippers informed of the contact's identity should Coleman and his squad fail to take him down.

A few days later D'el finds himself on Tatooine for his meeting with ORCA. Before D'el leaves the "Bella Dama", he sends a message to Vivek; asking Vivek to meet him on Tatooine in the Anchorhead Cantina to discuss some business. After sending the message, D'el disembarks and leaves for his meeting.

D'el meets with Lady Chyna and her body guard Rayven deep in the Dune Sea. Lady Chyna explains to D'el that she is looking for a 50 crate shipment of dolls. Flags are raised inside of D'els mind, but he accepts the order to keep up appearances. The three chit chat for a bit, Where D'el finds out about a rift that has grown in between the Imperial Army and ORCA. After some more small talk, the three go there separate ways. 

A few hours after the meeting, Vivek arrives at the Anchorhead Cantina to wait for D'el. A short while after he arrives, so does the smuggler Eldra. Vivek is surprised to find Eldra in the cantina and approaches her. There is a misunderstanding between the two and Vivek turns to leave her. Eldra becomes infuriated by the Jedi walking away so she chases after him upstairs, and pulls a blaster to his head. The surrounding patrons quickly draw their own weapons; some are eager for a fight, others ready to preserve the peace. Vivek settles everyone down before taking Eldra back downstairs so they can talk.

As they make their way downstairs, Vivek and Eldra are met by Captain Felix Blaq, a companion of Vivek's, and Jedi Knight Cadae, Vivek's former padawan. Cadae and Vivek have not seen each other in months, and the two decide to catch up, Felix stays behind to flirt with Eldra. As the conversation goes on, the Jedi Emef shows up and, recognizing Eldra and Felix, goes to talk to them. As Felix attempts to make advances towards Eldra, he finds that he is distracted and mentions that he'd been having some "mental issues."

Emef offers to help heal this, but Felix wouldn't hear of it. As Felix is being distracted by Emef, Vivek and Eldra go off somewhere quiet to talk. Other members of Vivek's team arrive at the cantina for some rest and relaxation. Alone again, Vivek is determined to talk about his relationship with Eldra, being careful to avoid Anka as a topic. Eldra orders more drinks, which she uses to help deflect Vivek's questions. Having enough with her cat and mouse games, Vivek uses the Force to prevent Eldra from drinking anymore.

Eldra does not like being manipulated by the Force in any way, and instinctively draws her blaster and fires. Much to her surprise the blaster bolt connects with Vivek's chest. She intended for him to block or dodge the bolt so it would distract him from his Force over her. In her horror, Eldra runs to Vivek's side, with Beviin and Siiv, who are some of Vivek's companions, rushing to investigate the discharge.

In an effort to give Vivek the immediate attention that he needs, the group rushes him to a nearby medical clinic. As Vivek's wounds are being tended too, Siiv and Beviin interrogate Eldra's actions. They admit that Vivek has been acting strange lately, and that Eldra and Vivek had been spending a lot of time together. Bev and Siiv demand some sort of explanation. Eldra again deflects everything thrown at her. When Vivek's condition stabilizes, they return him to his bed on the "Zandra".

Back on the "Zandra", Beviin and Siiv resume their interrogation of Eldra. The interrogation leads into a full argument between the three. Hearing the commotion in the commons area, Vivek makes his way to the group. He speaks on Eldra's behalf, answering any questions his friends have. However, Vivek decides it is in both their interests if no one knows about their relationship, and decides to provide vague answers; neither confirming nor denying any questions Siiv and Beviin had for him.

Feeling that they were getting nothing out of the two, Beviin and Siiv decide to leave. Once alone, Eldra apologizes by sharing a story about her childhood as a slave, and her fear, or hatred, of ever being put in situations she can't control. With the pair emotionally and physically vulnerable, and each having unexpressed feelings for each other, Eldra and Vivek give in to their desires.

As D'el blasts off by himself to make the delivery of the mysterious 50 crates for ORCA, one is left wondering what will happen next? Stay tuned, true believers!


Weekly RP Update for 02-12

Another big week of RP culminated in some very life-changing events for many characters. Now the lines are clearly drawn which begs the question: where will others stand?

D'el lands on Corellia and delivers the 50 crates of Galactic Senator Waa Waa Dolls for ORCA's mysterious third party. What he does not know is that the dolls where filled with vials of the dreaded Rahkgoul Toxin. The drop goes a little too easily, and D'el returns to Republic space, the slow realization setting in that in some way he was just set up.

Meanwhile in another section of the Galaxy, Major Coleman receives a transmission from a young Jedi on Tython stating that she had intel on the Sith who had been Coleman's intel source and who has turned traitor to Coleman and Squad 315. The intel had been hidden in a remote location on Tython; the dreaded flesh raider territory.

Coleman and Squad 315 deploy to Tython to search out the holocron. Coleman, Kestral, Qual, Verin and Nakoma meet up outside the Jedi Temple, only to be stopped by a trooper named Houzu and questioned. When Coleman explained to him what was going on, Houzu offered his services.

A trek into the outlying area proved fruitful and the holocron was located. Coleman retrieved the intel and found out that the traitor was on Alderaan, where he'd taken over a noble house. The squad left the holocron for the Jedi to retrieve and plans were made to check out the situation on Alderaan, possibly calling in further backup.

A few days later, the Hutt's announce a party at that Slippery Slopes Cantina. The party is well received and attended by both Imperial and Republic persons. Among the crowd was the Jedi Carnada. As she enters the Slippery Slopes she was surprised as to how busy it was.

As Carnada mingled, she runs into the Jedi Jio'vanna. They greet each other, and Jio'vanna introduces Carnada to her Master, the Jedi Domaj. They start catching up. Jio'vanna tells Carnada how her and Nova are sisters, and how they discovered each other after all these years. After a bit, Carnada apologizes for being rude and excuses herself from the conversation.

Hearing of the party, various members of Squad 315 meet at the Slippery Slopes. Garran approaches a pair of Sith, Kraden and Cathlean. After some banter, old wounds are reopened regarding a former rivalry between Garran and Kraden. Harsh words are exchanged, as Qual attempts to calm Garran, to no avail.

Also making there way to the event are members of Jedi Master Vivek's group. Vivek meets up with Lieutenant Dany at the event. They start talking, but the conversation goes south as Dany and Vivek have a very public falling out. This pushes Dany closer to Zydron and his apprentice as Zydron has offered Dany the possibility of work.

Now that her working relationship with Vivek is over, Dany has a laundry list of people to begin investigating. On the top of that list is the Jedi, Endearon.

D'el enters the cantina, greeting various people as he does. He makes his way to the bar, where he runs into Colonel Jento and other members of the Colonel's 47th. D'el opens a large tab, allowing everyone to drink freely. After some catching up, the Colonel excuses himself as he has other things to attend too.

As Colonel Jento leaves, Carnada approaches D'el. The two are happy to see each other and get caught up, though Carnada can tell that D'el is being extremely elusive. Before she can ask, a commotion begins, that Carnada gravitates too. She is curious about what is going on and soon discovers there is a heated argument between the Jedi Garran and the Sith Kraden which many people are now gravitating too.

Garran and Kraden step outside the cantina to duel, attracting a crowd and various betting. Kraden beat Garran and goes to kill him, but Qual, Verin, Carnada and several others pulled light sabers on Kraden. Kraden decides to wait and goes back into the cantina to talk with Lady Chyna. Carnada asks Garran if he is ok. He was fine except troubled and quickly leaves. When Kraden finds Lady Chyna, he requests assistance on a large-scale, upcoming operation. Lady Chyna listens to the request, asking for solid details before she agree's.

During the duel and back in the cantina, D'el meets up with the Lady Chyna's right hand man, Rayven. D'el informs Rayven that the drop has been made without issues. Rayven thanks D'el, and the two go their ways. As D'el returns to the upper level of the cantina, he runs into the smuggler, Lady Eldra Felding. The two exchanged strained pleasantries. Eldra asks D'el to step outside to speak about the events involving Anka.

Back outside immediately following the duel, Carnada almost bumps right into Zydron Mox's. He asks her what happened. Carna truthfully tells him she didn't know, that a Jedi and Sith fought. Carnada was acting more distant from Zydron than their previous encounter on Voss. She had thought it over and decided it be best for her to be extra cautious around the man.

The two begin to walk into the Cantina. As they make it to the bar area, they run into D'el and Eldra Felding who are walking out. Eldra, seeing Zydron lunges at Zydron, accusing him of messing with her mind and tainting Anka. Knowing full well what had happened originally with Eldra that brought Anka closer to Zydron, D'el holds Eldra back, trying to get her out of the Cantina. 

Eldra verbally unloads on Zydron, as he laughs calling her statements mere accusations. Carnada remains quiet throughout most of the exchange only interjecting once to tell Eldra to calm down as her anger was too high. Finally, D'el gets Eldra to walk away from Zydron. Zydron turns to Carna telling her too "Get both sides of the story" before making casting judgement.

Throughout the whole event, a mysterious Jedi by the name of Francis Sinatra made his way through the crowd, targeting people that he thought where of importance. He would pull them aside to speak to them in private. Once in private he would offer them a chance for something that seemed truly laughable... A chance for peace between the Imperial and Republic forces. He caught many an ear, and convinced many people to attend a meeting to be held at a later date.

As the night drew to an end, Eldra, along with the courier Levi and Lieutenant Dany pulled D'el aside. The three of them informed D'el that his life was in danger, and he had to leave the system. D'el, his mind heavy with the thought that he was walking into a trap. Eldra explains that if D'el hides off system, then people would be able to focus on rescuing Anka from the clutches of Zydron. Under this auspice, D'el agree's to the request. He boards his ship, the "Bella Dama", and, being escorted by Levi, leaves the Hutt system.

D'el, now sure that he is being drawn into a trap, stashes his ship in an old family safe port. As he takes a shuttle back to Coruscant, he receives a holo-message from Carnada in regards to a job she needed done. He agrees to the meeting, saying he will see her in the gardens outside of the Senate tower.

While on her ship which is heading to Coruscant, Carnada falls asleep and has a disturbing and vivid dream. In her dream, Carnadav is arguing with her best friend, Tiye Thul, a Zabrak Jedi Sage. Carnada cannot hear what they are arguing about, but can feel such anger radiating from her in this dream. She notices a man nearby in her dream but cannot make him out. As the dream progresses, the friends come to blows.

They fight and before long Tiye is disarmed. Carnada pushes her best friend to the ground and holds her lightsaber very threateningly close to the Zabrak's throat. Carnada feels a strangeness from this; withdraws her blade and turns to walk away. She is heading towards the man. The man is dark, clouded and hazy so much so that Carnada cannot make him out.

Carnada wakes up in a sweat and out of breath. He ship nav-comm is beeping that it has arrived at Coruscant. Carnada is disturbed by this. Whether it was a dream or a Force vision, she couldn't tell. She shakes it off as best she can, gets dressed and heads to the meeting with D'el.

After the meeting, D'el catches a shuttle to the Great Falco Space Port. As he makes his way to the Space Port, D'el can tell that he is being followed. Not only is he being followed, but he is being followed by Imperials. As he gets to the Great Falco Space Port, he enters his favorite diner to have a meal. As he eats, 3 Sith and 14 troops from the shadowy Imperial organization Pax Imperius surround him. D'el finishes his meal and gives himself up. The trap, has now been sprung.

Almost immediately over the Galactic News Network it is announced that Captain D'el has been arrested as a Warmonger.
Still trying to investigate Shellburne and D'el, the Jedi Ailura arrives at the Dealers Den and finds the smuggler Ty'lira, the smuggler Gos, and a few others she recognizes outside. As she nears them she hears what they are talking about: D'el had been arrested by the Imperials. She had heard the news herself on her way and wondered what he could have done to cause this and if it was somehow connected to the doll shipments.

Not wanting to be obviously nosy Ailura decides to head into the Cantina. Before going inside she tells Ty'lira to let her know if she needs anything, hoping the other Twi'lek will talk with her later. After waiting for some time at the bar Ailura grows impatient and reaches gently with the Force toward the group outside to try and get a sense of how the conversation is going.

She doesn't get a good sense of the group, and is then surprised when a Jedi she had not noticed approaches and scolds her for "spying". He then introduces himself as Master Vivek. She introduces herself and they talk for a few moments. As they talk, two of the men who were with the group outside approach the bar. One of them is the Jedi Qual. Ailura decides to go outside and see if Ty'lira is still there.

The whole group has dispersed. Ailura takes out her com and sends a message to Ty'lira. She tells Ty'lira that she knows some of what had happened and to please contact her if she could help.  Ty'lira responded that they were starting a search on Nar Shadaa and to keep in touch.

On Nar Shadaa, Ty'lira and Gos find out that D'el had made a mysterious shipment by himself to Corellia. Ty'lira, wanting to save D'el attempts to leave but Gos stops her. He tells her that Corellia is under Imperial control, and to head there without proper planning would be suicide. Ty'lira knocks out Gos with a stun-baton, and leaves to Corellia by herself.

The next day, Coleman and Kestral were called to a meeting by Qual. Verin joined them, as well as the courier Levi, Gos, Seeing the group of known associates to D'el, Ailura follows them to the Gav Daragon. There, the group has a meeting, bringing Ailura into the fold. D'el's arrest was discussed.

Gos tells everyone that Ty'lira stunned him and headed for Corellia on her own.  Since Ty'lira is the only one who would know more about the shipment to Corellia, they decide to go there to look for her. Ailura approaches Qual and tells him she is concerned for Ty'lira and wants to help. Ailura agrees to take them on her ship to Corellia. Ailura is then surprised when Gos shares that he is with SIS, but has not been assigned to D'el.

The group of rescuers go to Corellia to find Ty'lira. While en route, Zydron Mox interrogates D'el. The interrogation is broadcast over the Galactic News Network.

The group is unaware of the interrogation. They eventually find Ty'lira who is injured, and has apparently contracted the rakgoul poison that is on one of the dolls. They realize that they need to get Ty'lira to Taris. They also realize this must be the biological weapon D'el was arrested for.   

Ailura meets up with the group at a Tram outside the Corellia spaceport. Ailura comments on how bad it would be for the disease to spread, which Coleman replies that he would shoot Ty'lra if she turned Rakghoul. They take Ty'lira to a med droid where she regains consciousness. As she comes around, she tells them D'el was set up by ORCA.

In her confusion, however, Ty'lira tells everyone the records with the details of the shipment are on D'el's ship, the "Bella Dama", and that Lady Chyna of ORCA has the "Dama". The decision is made to take Ty'lira to Taris where a cure was being tested. While Gos takes Ty'lira to Taris, Qual states that he knows where to find Lady Chyna.

As they start to leave Ailura remembers and tells everyone about the interrogation.  Qual is obviously angry at her for not mentioning it sooner. She apologizes, and relays the few details she remembers; saying that it was broadcasted over the Galactic News Network. As the others leave Ailura heads for her ship, trying to figure out what she can do to help

While on Taris, Ailura meets a member of the Republic Special Forces named Daffan who is also investigating D'el and had been told to contact her. They compare notes and Ailura learns that some agents who had also been conducting investigations were disappearing. They agree to work together and keep an eye out for D'el's associates.

Meanwhile on Nar Shadaa, Coleman and Kestral head to rendezvous with Qual who is at the Slippery Slopes looking for Lady Chyna. Coleman enters the Slippery Slopes yelling challenges and ends up trading commentary with Rayven and a few others outside the cantina. The confrontation was interrupted by Qual and Coleman took the opportunity to exit

Following the events of D'el's arrest and his publicly broadcasted interrogation which was led by Zydron Mox, Vivek assembles all members of the Seventh Virtue for an emergency meeting. Feeling forced into the position, Vivek mobilizes his companions for a grand operation to bring back Anka, rescue D'el, and take out ORCA, Lady Chyna, and Zydron Mox. A feat he is aware will be no easy task.

Vivek plans to organize the Seventh Virtue's latest mission into three phases: intelligence, preparation, and execution. Over the course of the following weeks, members of the Seventh Virtue have been gathering intelligence on its enemies, its allies, and their respective associates. However, due to Vivek's history with the situation, he has leaves all intelligence gathering to his companions, while he coordinates them and compiles all of their information.

A few days later, the inaugural race of the Galactic Swoop Racing League was held on Tatooine. Many where in attendance to watch the race, and to participate in other endeavors. Qual, Coleman and Kestral made the trek to the race on the intel that Lady Chyna was to be in attendance. After watching three exciting races that weaved through the scenery, they left as Lady Chyna was a no show.

Later, Kestral and Garran spotted Kraden on Ilum and took the opportunity to ambush him, but he got away heavily wounded. Verin caught up with Kestral to let her know that he was currently searching out his wayward apprentice, Talisman, who'd been out of contact. Kestral wondered if there was reason to be concerned.

As you see, the lines have been drawn. Where will everyone be standing when the smoke clears? Stay tuned, true believers!