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"Spies Amongst Us" Rp

Started by DEl, February 23, 2012, 06:40:06 AM

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I've just realized that you guys have been kinda left out of some important RP stuff going on with the "Spies Amongst Us" story line. I apologize and will now endeavor to get you guys up to speed. D'el has been arrested by the Imperials. He is now being "interrogated". I will post the interrogations as they are the most recent. The first one happened last friday, the second just got put up this morning.

This effects people that have been shipping dolls, and also who know D'el or about D'el. Dolls are still out being shipped, but its up to the individual rp'er to react the way they react. Think of this in real world terms like a shipment of My Little Pony dolls that is found crossing the border stuffed with drugs. Will this stop people from shipping them and turning a buck? No. Will they look differently at the items? Yes.

Also, in game please search out either Jio'vanna, Nova, Qual or Coleman in regards to how to help D'el, if you want to help him.

Final note: These interrogations are pretty graphic, but its needed to set up where the story is going. Enjoy!


An urgent broadcast of the Galactic News Network starts chirping through all data-pads and televisions across the galaxy. The Camera pans to the anchor person. A Twi'lek male, with light blue skin and one lekku draped over a shoulder. He wore the equivalent of a suit, and tapped a data pad. "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Chet Chetson with an urgent news break. At this time, the accused Warmonger, Captain D'el Toro, is about to be interrogated. Let's go over to our camera's that are live on scene......"

Somewhere on a planet in Imperial Space a set of bright lights beamed down on D'el. His light-orange skin washed into a sickly yellow from the lights. He was bound by magnetic shock shackles and sitting in a chair. In front of him was an empty table and beyond that was another chair. In the four corners of the room floated interrogation droids. Needles and pincers protruded from them, waiting to be put to use.

He had been sitting there for nearly six hours with no food or water. The chair was hard and uncomfortable, yet he sat straight and firm. His eyes where closed, as his thoughts focused on happier places. For all he was doing to forget the pain, it still seeped down into him like water running through cracks. 

Eventually the door opened and a single man walked in. He pulled out the chair and sat down.

"Hello Captain."

D'el slowly opened his eyes and looked at the Sith in front of him, "*heh* Meester Zydron. Dis is a surprise." D'els voice was raspy and weak, but still managed to keep a suave tone to it; "Chu did no happen to pay my bill at de diner, did chu?"

Zydron smiled back at D'el. "Charming, to the last. Seems you have found yourself in a bit of trouble. I've managed to pull some strings, and you will be pleased to know that I will be asking you the questions. If you are anything less than honest with me... well, I will be very..... Displeased."

D'el chuckled weakly. "So... Kind.. Meester Zydron."

Zydron paused for a moment and pulled out a datapad and set it on the table.

"I want you to know that I already know the answers. But I would like to hear the truth from you."

The door opened behind him and several other people entered the room. They were dressed in inquisitors robes and they moved around behind D'el.

"If at any point these kind souls feel that you are withholding information they have been authorized to probe a bit deeper until they are happy with your answers. So, before we begin, would you like a glass of water?"

D'el lifted an eyebrow, and nodded. "Dat's nice of chu."

With a bit of a smirk, Zydron produced a glass, and a canteen. He the poured some water in it and set the glass at the edge of the table. "There you go, Captain. Shall we begin?"

D'el eye'd the water which was on the table just out of reach. He then shifted his gaze to Zydron, and returning the smirk, sat back. "Go ahead, Meester Zydron."

An interrogation droid hovered from the corner to D'el's left side. It has a 3 inch needle protruding from it's side. It positioned itself 4 inches from D'el, then with a bit of a violent action plunged the needle into D'el's arm. He did his best, but winced a bit as the injection began to burn as the truth syrum pumped into him.

Zydron smiled a bit as he watched the interrogation droid. Once it was done and hovered back into its corner, he began the questioning:

"Are you a citizen of the galactic republic?"

D'el shook his head, the effects of the syrum already setting in. His head became wobbly, his sight blurried. After a minute, he looked at Zydron. "Ches".

Zydron jotted something on the pad. He looked back to D'el. "Is this your ship?" A Holo of the "Bella Dama" popped up from an emitter that was implanted into the table.

"Dat's de "Dama". Ch'ea...."

Again, Zydron jotted something on his pad. An inquisitor twitched a bit. Zydron continued; "Is this your cargo manifest that you signed for?" Zydron held up a cargo manifest form, close enough so D'el could see it.

D'el shook his head, as the syrum dug it's way into his psyche. "Uhhh.. Ch'ea... Dat is..."

"Were you delivering this cargo into Imperial space?" Zydron pushed a button, producing a holo of 50 cargo boxes of dolls.

D'el's head began to flop a little bit. He closed his eyes and began to steady himself, fighting the effects from the syrum. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at the holo. "Ch'ea. Dat was my cargo of Galactic Senator Waa Waa dolls."

Zydron smiled. He reached under the table and produced a Galactic Senator Waa Waa Doll. He then removed the left eye, and after some fiddling, popped off a chip from the eye. "Why don't you tell me the purpose behind this."

D'el watched as Zydron skillfully removed the bug from the doll. D'el thought to himself, "He knows....." D'el forced himself steady. "I... I can no believe it... Meester Zydron. Chu go' one of de life-like crying Waa Waa dolls! D'oes are rare....."

Zydron held the chip in his two fingers. D'el forced a smile. Zydron looked to one of the interrogation droid from another corner and nodded. The droid hovered to D'el. This time from the main body compartment, a stick with 2 diodes that arced energy was produced. The droid jammed the shock-stick into D'el's neck.

"Grrrrawwwwaahhh hahaha.." D'el yelped. After about 2 minutes, the droid pulled away back to its corner. D'el's head slumped, his neck smoking from the impact point. He breathed heavily.

Zydron stared at D'el with a look of impunity. "Captain, I will ask again. What is the purpose behind this chip."

D'el, after a few moments caught his breath and slowly lifted his head. "If... It... Is... No.. De crying.. Doll.. I do no know...."

Zydron smiled a confident smile. "Well, that's odd because we have records that prove otherwise." Zydron held up a data pad for D'el to see. D'el looked at the data pad, a slow smirk coming to his face.

Zydron continued with a very condescending tone to his voice; "It would appear that your company has been spying on the Empire for the Republic. I present the carrier signal and proof. Care to revise your story?""

"Uhhhhh *heheh*.. Meester.. Zydron..." D'el interrupted, with his signature smirk of confidence on his face. "Chu *heheheh* Migh'.... Wan' to look at ch'our *heheh* pad.."

"What?!" Zydron quipped out. He turned the pad to look at it. His face froze with a look of shock. The data-pad had shut off, and was now going into a re-boot cycle. After a moment, it popped to life with a blank screen. Zydron tapped on the pad. The pad just staid lit. "No.." Zydron exhaled under his breath. He began tapping buttons on the desk. Blank screens began popping up for every button Zydron hit.

D'el's smirk turned into a smile. "Care *heheheheh*.... To... Revise... Ch'our... Story?"

Zydron turned to a tech. "What the hell is happening! Where is that information!?" The tech scurried to a terminal and began tapping keys with urgency. "Uh.. Sir... The... It's gone! All the information. The whole data base.. Wiped!" Zydron turned and stared at D'el with fury burning in his eyes. D'el just smiled back at him. An inquisitor to D'el's side lifted his hand. "*Gurgle gahgahgahhh*" Came out of D'el as the Inquisitor began force-choking him. After a moment it released it's choke. Then the zapping-interrogation droid came forward and plunged the shock stick into D'el's neck again again. Enough time passed that D'el's skin could be heard sizzling.

Zydron composed himself. As D'el began lifting his head again, Zydron held the chip in his fingers up. "Clearly this level of tech is beyond you. Where did you get it and who created it for you?" D'el mustered an eye to open. His head circled slowly. "Parts... For.. De.. Dolls... Come from all over.... De galaxy...."

An Inquisitor flicked his hand, as a force-punch came across D'el's face. He then began to twitch as the shock-shackles where activated.
Zydron watched as D'el shook. "This type of tech is to delicate to be mass produced, Captain... Only a slice or a Techno.... Savant could produce something like this. Who made it?!"

The shackles stopped shocking D'el. Smoke rose from his body. His head slumped and he breathing was labored. "Chu... Have... All.. De.. Answers... Chu... Tell... Me...." D'el mustered strength, and lifted his head. "Oh... Wai'... Chu do no have... De answers.. Do chu.."

"Very well Captain..." He put the chip away. "Let us move on to the other allegations." The door of the room opened and a doll was brought in. The doll was sealed inside a biological secure clear box. The doll had been cut open and a tiny canister is exposed.

"This doll that your company created, and distributed contains a weaponized version of the Rakghoul virus. Along with the spy camera you would be able to infect key targets of the empire. Even for the Republic this is low."

"De.. Republic.... Has not'ing.. To... Do.. Wit... Dis.."

Another Inquisitor flipped his hand, and a force punch came down on D'el's face again. "Captain. Please. You are now wasting our time. Just tell us who in the Republic put you up to this."

"Wha' do chu wan'..*pant*.. Meester Zydron..*pantpant*.. Some beeg conspiracy of... Bugged dolls to..*pant*. Spy on de Empire... I don' know wha spice CHU have been.... Smoking.. Bu' I want some.."

Zydron fixed himself in his seat. Another Inquisitor raised a hand, but this time lightning shot from his finger tips. "GRAAAAAAAAAWWWWWAARRGGGHHHHHHHH" D'el screamed in agony as the electricity arced across his body. It hit D'el with so much force, him and his chair where knocked over. After a moment the Inquisitor stopped. D'el laid on the ground making a noise that sounded almost like laughing.

The screen shifted slightly and the picture changed. D'el was again propped back up in his chair. Clearly the footage had been stopped long enough to reset the stage.

Zydron placed his elbows on the table. He interlaced his fingers and brought them to his lips. "Captain. This is senseless. Who are you working for?"

"My.*pantpant*. Myself... It.*pant*. Was.. All... My... Plan..."

"Then, WHERE did you get the biological weapons?"

The Inquisitor began shocking D'el again. D'el's muscled tightened up as pain he never knew existed shot into him. After a longer moment, the Inquisitor stopped.

"Captain... I will ask one last time. Where.. Did.. You... Get.. The.. Weapons..."

"..*pantpantpant*... Ooooooorcaaaa" D'el exhaled as he finally passed out.

Zydron stood. "Enough. I've heard enough. Issue a warrant for Lady Chyna and bring it to me. Keep D'el in isolation until my return. Also, send a diplo....."

With that the camera's shut off, and Chet Chetson comes back on the screen. He looks a bit in shock and awe of what he just saw. "L.... Ladies and gentlemen. This is Chet Chetson for the Galactic News Network, signing off...."

*black screen*


"It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn"

((Note: This episode is very graphic, but is purposely made this way to set the stage for what is to come. The section before the "news break" is not general knowledge. The part after the "news break" is to be considered broadcast to everyone in the galaxy. Enjoy!))

Water dripped at random intervals from the ceiling on to D'el. The 10 x 10 room had a cesspool of water up to his knee's that he stood in. His arms where tied to a pole that laid across his shoulders. The pole was then fastened by chains down into the concrete floor. An interrogation droid hovered around him. The sound of it humming around had been the only thing D'el had heard for the last 8 hours.

Zydron watched D'el from behind a monitor elsewhere in the complex. He stood, arms crossed, for the better part of an hour staring at the screen. He shook his head and spoke to himself, "How is he holding up like this? He has absolutely no force abilities, yet has been able to hold up against everything that we've done....."

"You could always let me have a turn at him... " A female voice piped up from behind Zydron. He turned, seeing the Imperial Operative Nydarra standing behind him. He had been so pre-occupied in his thoughts that he did not notice her coming into the room. Truth be told; he may not have noticed even if he hadn't been distracted. She seemed to slink across the room to stand beside him like some sort of feral feline.

"I've been itching to try out this new set of knives I got a little while back. I have always found that they start to talk quickly when the carving starts and the blood begins to flow... If that doesn't work, there's always acid..." The words rolled off her tongue in a soft breathy purr as she turned and placed her hands behind her on the desk, lifting herself to sit delicately on the surface. She met Zydron's eyes with a hopeful look.

"Well, Val'ris does enjoy playmates. Perhaps you can take a turn with her." Zydron said as he continued to watch the monitor.

Pleased that she would get her chance to play, Nydarra happily produced a data-disk from some unseen pocket and offered it to Zydron with a bright and pleasant smile. "The security footage that you wanted edited... Some of my best work I think. It should do the trick nicely."

Zydron looked at the disk. "Lovely, lets see how he stands up to this..." He took it, then turned back to the monitor.

Nydarra's gaze returned to D'el on the monitor and her smile renewed with the thought of things to come. "I'll just go get my things." She slipped down from her seat the desk top and made her way to the door with that same catlike grace. She paused in the doorway for a moment to take one more look at D'el on the screen then turned with a soft laugh and left the room.

Zydron took a step forward, and pushed a comm button. He put on his "suave" voice and spoke a microphone, "Hello Captain. I hope you are finding your accommodations comfortable."

D'el slowly lifted his head. The voice was coming from speakers located throughout the room. It was hard to get an exact location as to where it was coming from. He forced a smile, knowing Zydron was watching somewhere. "Meester Zydron. As always, chu have gone above and beyond to make me feel so comfor-ta-ble...."

A chuckle could be heard over the speakers. "Well. I do what I can... Captain... Since you have nothing better to do, I have something I would like you to watch."

"Generous, as always Meester Zydron." With that, the probe droid positioned itself in front of D'el. Back at the the controls, Zydron slid the info-disk into a port and pressed play. The footage from the disk began to play through, projected on each wall and the ceiling, so that no matter where he looked, he could see the images clearly.

It started out with the view of what looked to be some base on Hoth. D'el recognized the outlay as one of the safe houses he was stored at. There were explosions. He could see people running toward the base. After a few moments, he could recognize some of them... It was his friends, the smuggler Gos and Jedi Qual. Blaster bolts and explosions streaked across the screen before his eyes, his friends stood in the middle of it all. The Imperials and what appeared to be mercenaries exchanged salvo's with the troops that Gos and Qual commanded.

The camera angle switched ever so slightly, and D'el's eyes grew wide as a female in armor that he recognized appeared in the projection. His heart began to race. "Can no be..." he whispered, as the female turned her face into full view of the camera. D'el's heart stopped as he saw his love, Major Nova Shepard. A smile came to his face as he whispered "amore!"

Then, her head exploded as a blaster bolt from a sniper careened into it.

D'el's face froze in horror. The body on the projection slumped to the ground in a heap. The camera then switched, showing a broader picture of the battle. Qual and Gos ran out of the hide out, along with a few of their troops. They left her body.

Rage swept across D'el like a firestorm. "No...." he muttered.

The projection continued to show the Imperial and mercenary troops pick the body up. Over 3/4 of her face was gone. The Imperial and mercenary troops began to parade the body around like a trophy.

D'el began to shake. His muscles tensed. The pole creeked and cracked a bit as he bore all his anger into trying to break it. He wanted out. He wanted revenge.

Zydron smiled to himself as he felt the anger and pain exuding from D'el. "Well.. " Zydron began into the microphone, "This is all your doing, Captain. I hope you are happy with yourself."

Then, on the projection, the troops began defiling her body.

D'el roared, "NOOOOOOOOO" as he fought with everything he had to get out of his shackles. The Interrogation Droid, sensing the prisoner in an elevated state, began shocking him in order to pacify the threat. D'el just saw red. He fought, but after ten minutes, the shocks and his state of extreme exhaustion won. He dropped down to a knee, the water splashing as he came down hard.

"Well. I will let you reflect on this Captain. Good day."

For the next six hours, the footage played over and over. D'el was forced to watch..........

The lights were bright and beamed down on D'el. Once again he found himself shackled and sitting in front of a table. His arms stretched out in front of him and where strapped down, his clothing battered and tattered. The only sound was that familiar hum of the hovering interrogation droid.

D'el was a shell of what he used to be. He was skinny from a week of no food or drink and was showing other signs of starvation. His head hung down. His face, which was normally vibrant with life now had nothing but a blank, almost robotic stare.

The door opened and in walked Val'ris. She was a blue skinned twi'lek woman with angular dark markings over her face and lekku. She wore an off white inquisitors robe. Behind her was another masked female who carried a long slender leather bundle.

Val'ris walked behind D'el and leaned in close. A faint electrical spark leaped from her lips to his ear as she whispered to him.

"It appears that some foolish Republic sod felt the need to threaten Darth Mox. So, rather than be illusive, were going to show them what happens to their friends when they make such foolish mistakes."

The masked woman unrolled the leather bundle to reveal many knives and a small ball peen hammer. The woman daftly lifted a single long, silver blade, holding it up to the light. At the same time the droid hovered into place to record the scene for proper broadcasting.

******* All information streams are all the sudden interrupted with a breaking news story from the Galactic News Network. After a few moments, the camera opens on the twi'lek announcer sitting at the desk. He taps some things on the desk in front of him. "This is Chet Charlson with the Galactic News Network. Breaking news with the interrogation of the Bio-terrorist, Captain D'el Toro. GNN has just received this video, but I warn you the watcher. This footage is a bit graphic. You.... Might want to excuse children and those with a weak stomach." **************

**Start Playback**

"When you answer the question, we will stop. Until then, we will continue." Said Val'ris as she reached a single finger out toward D'els ear. A small arc of purple lightning jumped from her finger and began to scorch the edge of D'els ear. The skin blackened and charred in the wake of the arc. Soon it blistered. The blackened skin then broke open and began to ooze a sickly crimson fluid.

D'el just sat, unflinching.

Val'ris looked at D'el, a bit put back by his lack of reaction. She then smiled, leaned down to his ear and purred, "Did you know you have miles of skin for me to play with?"

D'el just sat, unflinching.

While Val'ris asked her question, the masked women positioned two pins over D'el's left hand, then waited. As soon as she saw that Val'ris was done, the masked woman plunged the pins down through D'el's left hand and into the table forcing his hand to lay flat and in place. She looked to D'el expecting to see some sort of reaction.

D'el just sat, unflinching.

The masked woman kept cranking down on the pins. Once his hand was properly secured she took the long silver blade and ran it down the length of his first finger, flaying the flesh in two. As the blade slid through the skin, blood spurted then poured out of the wound and began to flow across the table. She then separated the flayed flesh and pinned it down until the bone was revealed.

At the same time, Val'ris placed her hands on the side of D'els head and positioned it so that he witnessed the act. His head moved easily and offered no resistance. Electricity arced from her hands into his head. His eyes, however, only staid half opened and went unblinking with the robotic stare. With the bone exposed the woman reached over and picked up the small ball peen hammer. She positioned it menacingly over the bone. The silver of the hammer head hovered as the woman looked up to D'el and Val'ris.

"Just answer the question D'el. That's all you have to do."

D'el just sat, unflinching.

With a quick strike the hammer came down shattering the bone directly. The bone made a sickening crunch beneath the hammer. Then, with care and grace, she lifted the hammer off of the mess that was once his finger. With her two fingers she pinched the skin back together and applied a quick seal medical salve to close the wound. Knowing full well that his bone would start to heal improperly, causing his fingers to be deformed until re-broken at a later time.

The two women stepped back and looked at D'el.

D'el sat there, unflinching.

They looked at each other. The masked woman shrugged as a look of annoyance crossed Val'ris' face. She growled slightly, then moving to his other ear, began to char it. His skin blackened and burst as before as the other masked woman began to work on a different finger.

The display of horror continued for some time. All the while Val'ris just kept repeating herself. "All you have to do is answer the question D'el. Its simple, just answer the question." Only after D'els left arm was a ruin and most of his face was blackened and charred did they stop.

D'el just sat. Finally, a tear dropped from his eye, as his voice weakly exhaled; "Nova......"

Seeing the tear, Val'ris giggled. A smile of satisfaction crossed her face. The masked woman nodded and folded up her kit of delicate blades. D'els arm looked like a horrific wreck of flesh with nails and other strange objects poking out of his skin. Just as the two women began to leave the room Val'ris looked directly at the camera and said...

"Threatening a Darth will always have repercussions. It may not happen right then, it may not happen right there, but suffering will be paid."

**end transmission**


Another urgent Galactic News Network Breaking news story begins to flash on every screen through out the galaxy. As the camera switch to the feed, we see Chet Chetson, sitting at the news desk. The twi'lek is wearing his normal anchor-wear, with a lekku draped over his shoulder.

"This is Chet Chetson, of the Galactic News Network. Breaking news from the Galactic Senate, where Senator Tudos of Alderran is set to speak on the events surrounding the Bio-Terrorist, D'el Toro. Let's take you now to the live feed from Senator Tudos."

The camera switches to a posh-looking senate office. Sitting at his desk is Senator Tudos. He holds papers in his hands, and shuffles them. A voice off screen says something to the Senator. The Senator looks off screen and asks, "Oh.. Am I on?"

He then looks at the camera, and begins to read from his notes.

"Fellow servants of the Great Republic. As of late, the actions of one Captain D'el Toro have jeopardized the long standing peace that has been brought to us by the Treaty of Coruscant. Let me and my fellow Senators first re-assure everyone that the Treaty is valid, and the peace between the Grand Republic and the Sith Empire is as resilient as ever."

"Let it not be the action of one crazed lunatic to jeopardize this peace that we have worked so hard for. To this end, The Biological Terrorist known as Captain D'el Toro is now, and for ever shall be labeled an outlaw in the eyes of the Republic. His actions where his own, and as per the Treaty of Coruscant is susceptible to the laws of which ever government has arrested him."

"Let it also be known, any attempt to save or free the Outlaw D'el Toro will be seen as treason against the Republic, and will be dealt as such. Let me extend my deepest apologies to the Sith Empire for any problems that this mis-understanding has produced. Let me also assure our brothers and sisters of the Sith Empire that we are doing everything in our power to bring any associates of the outlaw D'el Toro to justice."

"Thank you. May the force be with you."


Friday @ 9 server... The final chapter of "Spies Amongst Us". The location will be on Tatooine in the Outlaws Den, Coordinates:
-330, 490

The whole premise to this rp is to close off the two major plot lines, i.e. the turning of the Padawan Anka from the light side to the dark side and what is finally happening to D'el. Now, this situation will present an interesting set up, in that it will be what is known as a "Mexican Stand Off" i.e. EVERYBODY will likely have pistols and blasters drawn at each other waiting for the next person to twitch.

Now, there are a few rules for this rp.:

1) THERE WILL BE NO PVP UNTIL THE RIGHT TIME. That time for pvp is when the Imperials start to make their villainous escape, whilst laughing and curling their mustaches and an announcement is made via republicnetooc.  :D Also, in regards to rp-pvp; this is not like regular pvp where you haul off and just wax the person dead. Think of this like the movies... If you start beating on someone and they surrender, if it is your characters nature then let them surrender to you. There will be NO DEATHS... If anyone "falls" due to pvp, they will either be considered captured, or playing possum (that is for the individual players to decide amongst themselves)

2) What ever happens to D'el, Happens to D'el. Plesae do not heal, revive, or in anyway touch D'el. For all intents and purposes him and Anka being used as plot points, and are off limits.

3) The Republic will be playing catch up to the Imperials..... Over the first probably 30-40 minutes did bits of info will be dripping to the Repubs via the Dolls as the location of this event. If anyone gets to the location first, consider yourself a "scout" and start feeding info to the Repub via republicnetIC.

4) Not everyone will want to pvp. Please, to try to keep this enjoyable and be a good fellow rp'er. If the person says ((no pvp)) then do not attack them. OH, and try to keep those AOE's in check please!

Cant wait to see everyone at 9!


I apologize that there was a break down in communications in regards to the final "Spies" rp that happened tonight. First, let me take full blame and please, if anyone has any complaints send them MY WAY. I was the one that organized this, and no one else. In the future I will make sure that communication flows better. Again, I apologize and will be sure to rectify this in the future.