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Moving toward Orr--at the Three Sheets

Started by Mixxi, January 26, 2014, 11:49:31 AM

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((Keyes needs to talk to Ewin about what he learned last night from Merila Dorne and Venitus regarding their expedition to Arah. Because of timezones and such, I thought it might be easier to bring it here so that Merila and Venitus could see what Keyes says and maybe even visit the Three Sheets themselves to plan. Also, if anyone else came by that is involved (like that wonderful Charr we met last night), they could touch base here as well.))

Keyes always liked the taproom of the Three Sheets in the morning. It like a secret place that no one ever saw. Empty taverns always struck him that way. As if they were a different place without the crowds and noise.

He moved to the hob in the backroom and put a kettle on to boil and then returned, reaching under the counter to fetch two mugs. Another rummage produced a battered tin. A soft tread sounded on the stairs, and he looked up, smiling.

(('re up next, Ewin.))


Ewin blinked slowly and, despite being a plant, squinted against the light.

Reaching the bottom step his face lit up regardless of light levels in the room when he saw Keyes. "Good morning," he said, unaware that the leaves on his head were arranged in an unusual way from the night's sleep. One or two were even folded over for some reason.


Seeing the usually elegant mesmer look tousled and groggy always amused Keyes, and he ducked his head to hide the wide grin that had replaced the pleased smile.

While Ewin blearily made his way to a barstool, Keyes nipped into the backroom and came back with a small kettle into which he shook a portion of the leaves from the tin. Leaving the kettle to steep a bit on the granite slab behind the bar, he leaned casually on the counter, watching Ewin out of the corner of his eye.

"I think we're getting fat and lazy hanging around the Sheets all the time. Time we had an adventure." He ignored the gradual dawning of an affronted expression on Ewin's face and pressed on. "Besides, Merila needs us. And that stuffed shirt Venitus, too, but it's Merila I'd go to Arah for."

Avoiding Ewin's eyes, Keyes turned away and busied himself with the kettle, pouring out a stream of hot amber liquid into the two mugs. He pushed one mug closer to Ewin, bumping the Sylvari's hand, and smiled as the sleepy mesmer wrapped his fingers around it, took a deep breath of the sweet steam, and sipped delicately.

Keyes picked up his own mug and rounded the counter, coming to perch on the stool next to Ewin. His hand rose halfway toward the leaves on the Sylvari's head before he stopped himself and gave himself a little shake. Leaning closer to his friend, he touched his mug to Ewin's before taking a sip himself. After a moment of companionable silence, his eyes met Ewin's over the rims of the mugs and he winked.

"It's dragons, Ewin. She thinks we can use their magic."


The mesmer watched Keyes with eyes that were a little sharper now that he was waking up properly. Those eyes followed him around the room, watching carefully.

Ewin looked affronted.

"I don't see why you'd say that. We've been getting plenty of exercise. Just fewer bruises," He paused a moment, "Mostly," he added, with a little wink.

"Merila," Ewin smiled. So many friends they hadn't seen in too long. The young sylvari stilled a moment as faces flooded his mind. With a sad smile, he took the mug with gratitude. Gently, he blew over it, not yet taking a sip.

At the feeling of a touch, Ewin's hand automatically moved to wrap his fingers around Keyes' own.

"Arah," Ewin echoed. The word said with equal parts dread and excitement.

"We only just got the stench out from the last trip," he said and added a clearly joking sigh, smirking at Keyes.

He looked over the mugs, noting Keyes' own wink and Ewin's face brightened with a smile, no longer a smirk.

Ewin took a sip and stared into his cup, thoughtful.

"It's dragons, Ewin. She thinks we can use their magic," Keyes said.

The sylvari looked up quickly from the liquid resting in the mug. The mesmer's face was alight with curiosity and his eyes sparkled.

The reflex reaction did not surprise Keyes. But something else came next. The sparkle faded, the look of curiosity began to become diluted with concern.

Ewin inhaled and let the breath out slowly, still thinking. Perhaps trying to keep the excitement at bay.

"Use dragon magic? To do what, exactly?"


Keyes shrugged. "Not my field. I think she thinks we'll find some sort of long lost information or..." he paused, keeping his eyes on the Sylvari's face, "...artefacts in Arah that will lead us to an answer." That should set the hook nicely. Keyes let his shoulders relax and he took another sip, enjoying the sweet, hot tea. "So, you in?"


Ewin frowned, the concern on his face evident.

"I get the theory, but the Inquest tried meddling with Dragon magic and it didn't go so well."

He took another sip from the mug and smiled at Keyes when he mentioned artefacts.

"You know me far too well," he smirked, "I'll go but it's to help Merila."

He paused for a moment and raised his mug, "Besides, sounds like you are already going and where you go, I go."