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More character slots! (confessions of an alt-aholic)
« on: September 06, 2018, 05:05:00 PM »
If any folks are running low on character slots, I thought I'd post a quick message about how you might get some more.

The default on Phinigel is 8 slots. You can buy up to three more with Daybreak Bucks (either at the character select screen or in the DB$ window while playing a character). Only 3 extra slots can be bought this way, 800 DB$ each or buy all three at once for 2000 DB$.

You can also get up to three more slots through spending Loyalty tokens, for a total of 14 slots per account. However, the loyalty vendor is not in the game on Phinigel yet. So if you want to use Loyalty to buy character slots, you'll need to log a character in to a Standard server like Firiona Vie. Slot unlocks are account-wide and apply to all servers.

On Standard servers like FV, the Loyalty NPC is in PoK near the Crescent Reach stone and defiant jewelry vendors. She sells a Doll of Character, which can be clicked to activate a character slot. If buying more than one slot at a time, it is advisable to buy one Lore Doll, click it, log to desktop, and return for the next Doll... otherwise it can get glitchy and weird when clicking multiple Dolls in succession. After the third Doll, she will not sell you any more.

Below is a SS showing the Loyalty merchant, the Doll of Character (for 1296 Loyalty), and where to see how much Loyalty you have saved up (Inventory window, Alt Currency tab).

Before choosing this option, be aware that eventually the Loyalty vendor will appear in PoK on Phinigel and she does sell some nice bags, housing furniture, jewelry, et cetera. I am not exactly sure when she will arrive in Phinigel, but probably not until mid-2019 is my guess.

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