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letters to mother
« on: June 09, 2018, 01:04:14 PM »

hi it's me your mighty and tough (and cute) ranger daughter tanare, doing this writey thingy so you don't get like worried and stuff about me as I go out and save everyone from the meanies. so today I ran into that kitty rider person Grimmy that I told you about before. the druidy person. and he had his friend the chanty person who didn't say much. but if they didn't say much can they be a chanty person because they should be like chantying and stuff? 

anyways Grimmy told me about these mean skeley guys in this dungeony place next to where the scaley peoples lived. I want to vist them one day but peoples tell me they're like mean and stuff if you're not a scaley person and I don't want to ruin my skin by putting scales on it. besides what if I put the wrong kind of scales on? I wouldn't match! but I thought maybe if I kill the mean skeles then maybe they would like me more?

but we went there- some place called knee-sore-a. I bet they called it that because there's like all kinds of pits everywhere and you keep falling into them and the landings can hurt your knees if you're not mighty and tough like a ranger. and there were lots of mean skele guys but they were like tough too so I like knew it would be tough and stuff for me to save grimmy and the not chatty chanty person.

they REALLY didn;t like Grimmy, he would like leave the room and stuff and then they would chase him back like right away and try to splattify him. they probably didn;t like his hair or something. so of course i had to like save him and stuff cause chanty person just like sat there and watched- i think they just read a book the whole time.  so i would like fight them all off to save him and then he would go out again and keep getting chased back. i think he was trying to find the way out or something but i don;t think he ever made it because the mean skele guys and ghosty thingies kept chasing him back. at least they didn;t like get blood on my new outfit and new shoes i found there because they don;t like have blood and stuff cause they're all dead and stuff.

there were a lot of them too but they were no match for me and my mighty ranger magics. i brought all kinds of books to study in between the fights so i learned all kinds of new spell thingies like fast like puppy, stingy buggies- I need to practice that one it kept going all fizzly and stuff,  spikey magic shield, boomy arrow, oh and healy, cause rangers are mighty and tough healy peoples you know and lots of other ones too. did i mention i found new shoes just my size there too? they even matched my new top.

but then, like you always told me, a young ranger needs to like get her rest and stuff and it was almost past my bedtime so i asked grimmy to take me home so i could get my 8 hours of beauty sleep after a proper hour long bath and hair washing. but don;t worry i foraged along the way so i didn;t get hungry.

of course grimmy was like all impressed and stuff by my mightiness so he like wanted to take me some place us to save him from getting splatified by more thingies but i had to say no nicely and stuff. cause proper rest is important.

but i think maybe soon like i can go visit big sis in the place of growy things if i keep practicing. okays time to get to bed now. bye mother.

Love your mighty and tough and cute daughter,

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Re: letters to mother
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2018, 10:03:31 AM »

hi it's me your mighty and tough and cute ranger daughter Tanare doing the writey thingy again. Anyways, I did a good thingy today. Remember my friend Anyae who is like the bestest shopper I know? well I found out today she's being bullied by one of the Nerryak peoples who keeps taking all her shopping money. Anyae didn't know why she kept getting picked on all the time so I told her the story you used to tell me about those peoples when I was littler. it was a good story so i'm going to like wirte it here and stuff so you can let me know if I forgt any stuff.

Anyways in the beginning there were the cute elfies and the snobby elfs and even though they were like snobby and stuff we all liked each other. I think they were afraid of heights that why they didn't live in the tree cities like we do. Anyways one day that mean Innyyuck showed up. And he called himself that because he hated inny belly buttons and thought they were yucky so he kept getting mad when he saw all us elfies with inny belly buttons.

One day he kidnapped (that was mean of him) lots of elfies with inny belly buttons and locked them up in his underground city of Nerryak where he pulled their belly buttons out to make them outies! Then he like put a curse on them so they all got this icky purple rash all over their skins and no matter how much they washed, they couldn't get rid of it. Even healy peoples couldn't fix it! But then big sis showed up and told Innyuck that he couldn't keep stealing the elfies anymiores and wanted them back. Innyyuck saw big sis's cute inny belly button and rand away.

Then Innyyuck told the prisoners that he would let them go but that everyone would hate them now thanks to him and someday there would be no more inny belly buttons. They didn't believe him so they snuck out one day and went to the snobby elfs for help. But the snobby elfs thought they looked funny and made fun of them even though the cute elfies thought they were being mean about and tried to make some ointments for them.

Anyways the purple rash elvies were all sad and stuff and started to cry so the snobby elfs started calling them the Tear-dal because they always cried. That made the tear-dal mad and grumpy because even some of the cute elfies thought that was funny too, so they all went back to nerryak and hid underground so no one would make fun of their purple rash anymore. But they didn't like living underground like a dwarf so they were even grumpier when no one wanted to let them stay with them and got all mean and stuff to everybodies!

Anyae was only a half-elfy that lived with her human mother so she didn't know all this important history of the elfies so she was happy that i like told her and stuff. we went shopping after and the bully tear-dal didn;t show up so we bought some stuff. i found this new comb i think you'll like so if the singy peoples that brought you this letter didn;t steal it let me know if you like it or not.

your mighty and tough and cute daughter


oooh after the end of the letter thingy!- i've been practing my mighty magics because i was too busy saving grimmy before to keep up with my lessons. the swarm of buggies spell is still tough- they keep flying everywhere except where i want them too. my healies are getting good though!

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Re: letters to mother
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2018, 03:41:58 PM »
(( O M G.  I thought I died at Innyyuck, but then I died again at the icky purple rash inny and outie belly button part of the story, and just when I thought I was done dying, I died one more time when Tanare recounted how the Teir'dal got their name.  SO flarkin' good.

Rez plz thx. ))  :2funny:

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Re: letters to mother
« Reply #3 on: June 16, 2018, 10:04:42 AM »
hahahaha, I can't wait till Tan tells Jalese this story.. Jal will blow a gasket.
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Re: letters to mother
« Reply #4 on: June 19, 2018, 08:07:03 AM »

hi it's me your mighty and tough and cute ranger daughter Tanare doing the writey thingy again today. Today I went out to try to save Grimmy again and some of his friends. I think they were bad at directions though because they kept getting lost all the time. First we met up with a healy halfling and a tear-dal named stinkia or something like that. anyways I offered her some of my new ointment for her rash but she liked ignored me and everything. Then we came to the lake because they were like a totally secret city of skele guys and ghosts at the bottom. I guess they couldn't swim when the city sank.

anyways I went ot use my new underwater breathy spell but the instructions didn't tell me I needed to find fish scales for it! so grimy had to do it for me. I was going to be like all proud and stuff when I showed him I could do it all by myself but then I couldn't. Then I guess you were right that I should have taken more swimming lessons when I was littler because I was like real slow and everyone had to keep waiting for me. then Grimmy started doing this goofy dance and splattied himself. the healy person told me hwe made sure everyone else could breath ok but he forgot to do it for himself. that was silly of him wasn't it? anyways the healy person fixed him and we were all set to go.

so we like snuck past a bunch of mean gobbies and climbed up to this little room where grimmy's other friend Iskary was waiting for us. she's a snobby elf and REAL tall, but she was nice to me even though she made me promise that I wouldn't get the skeley guys too mad at my mighty and toughness that they would try to splattify me. Stinkia disappeared, I thought maybe she went to try on the ointment but it was still sitting on the ground where I left it for her. Anyways a boomy wizard friend of grimmy's was there and we started fighting the meanies. My swarming buggies kept flying to all the wrong places still but by the end they actually started going where I told them too! yay!

so we fought lots of them and then I turned around and the boomy wizard was gone but a HUGE trolly person was there instead- Grimmy knows lots of strange peoples I think. she had lots of nice buffies to make me even mightier and tougher so it was like hard and stuff to do what Iskary wanted. But then the poor trolly person started shrinking, probably from having to swin through all that water like that time I washed my favorite shirt too many times and it got too small for me to wear anymores. Then she poofied too. I hope I didn't like step on her when she got to super tiny size...

anyways, Grimmy was busy and couldn't always healy Iskary when two of the meanies tried fighting her so I used my mighty and tough ranger healies to keep her alive, well except for all the ones when I messed up the words and it didn't work, and the time I sneezed hallway through, and the time a rock fell outside and made a loud noise. but they mostly worked and iskary lived and was like all happy and stuff at my mighty healy powers. I had a headache after though... Then when all the bad things were dead Grimmy finally noticed we were fighting and fixed her all up again.

Then Stinkia finally showed back up and I offered her the ointment she forgot last time but she just looked at me funny and didn't take it. I think that was mean of her. But then I felt bad iskary… hmm I just had a thought! maybe she's realted to those mean scaley iskary peoples in the lizard place where my big little niece got caught because they liked her hair so much that they wanted to be sure they could see it every day since they couldn't like grow any of their own.

Anyways so i was like feeling bad that Iskary had to have the mean skeles attacking her all the time so, since i learned new mighty ranger magics while we were there i tried my new boomy lightening spell on my weapon and super attacky spell on the other one and my new extra-boomy arrow spell and boomies were everywhere. that got them mad and they tried to splattify me but since i'm a mighty and tough ranger it didn't hurt much at all and they got splattified instead. Stinkia didn;t want them hitting her too much though. i bet her rash was extra itchy that day so she didn;t want her armor or blood to run all over it and make it itchier.

Then finally there was like no more stuff to kill but i found lots of nice things that i sold for lots of money and can go shopping again with Anyae tomorrow. i hope the tear-dal didn;t bother her +since the last time i saw her. maybe i could bring her home with me one day so you could meet her! she'd like that.

OK's writing is tiring so i'm gonna like go take a nap now. hope the singy peoples get this to you soon.

your mighty and tough and cute daughter



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