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Re: Classes in Ashes
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ya know one of my favorite EQ PUG group was at the karnor's wall level 50ish. group was warrior, monk, 2 rogues and 2 rangers (including Tanare). anything that got pulled was almost instantly obliterated. we got bored and asked the monk to start double pulling. The rangers were the healers with our mighty light healing spells. so clearly ranger/cleric is a viable option. think we got up to three before we felt like we needed an upgrade for we added a paladin when the warrior left

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Re: Classes in Ashes
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I healed a Ranger Tank once.

Too bad he died twice.
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Re: Classes in Ashes
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Okay while on funny odd grouping notes, back in the day, myself, (Warrior Beren Fellhand at that time), Finneas the Rogue, and Yewling the Ranger, were a three man team one evening. This was at the time Finneas was in Lux Aeternam, following his time in Saga.

So, since we had a rogue, and we were silly....we went to the lower areas of Sebilis past the locked door. Stuff there ranged from green for the typical froglok, to blue for the higher end frogs and some golem type mobs.

Yewling the ranger was our puller, healer, snare/root was our only crowd control. I was the tank, and Finneas was our #1 source of damage.

We had a couple of occasions where a critter broke snare and hopped off at a high rate of speed, causing very serious issues. But with a sense of calm, we made it through with a hairs width of health left twice, and one or two other semi close calls.
It was a fantastic group hunt. Ranger as your only healer, or caster of any kind, around level 60....with zero chance of escape if you get overwhelmed....good stuff.
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