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From Erudin to...? 9/9/02

Started by Saga Librarian, February 01, 2007, 06:42:23 AM

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Saga Librarian

Paladin of Tunare
Honourary Deputy of Rivervale

A message, conveyed by courier from the scholars of Erudite to the leaders and sundry of the guild of Saga, on behalf of Asdyr of Felwithe:

I have enlisted the services of the accomplished Erudite scribes to convey a message to Saga; primarily whatever leaders may be found therein, but open to all with their assent.

It has been my misfortune in my travels to come across many Guilds which, for whatever reason, have filled me with loathing and disgust. Though I do not fully comprehend the workings of the Guild structure or the drive to join such, being of the Holy Order of Paladins in service to the Great Mother, I have come to believe that the representatives of such organizations reflect upon the whole.

The custom of the koada'dal has been to be reserved in our observations, sometimes leading to ill will towards us and a feeling that we are elitist and snobbish. I would like to do my part to extend courtesy where it is due.

I have met with several of the members of Saga, not all of whose names I recall in full at the moment, for which I sincerely apologize. Those I do remember meeting have been Caillou, Melandry, Bippin, Titaisia, Talethia, and Graevn, not counting the ones I have passed which bore your markings.

In all cases, from something as small as a polite and courteous conversation, to as large as the defense of Ak'Anon on the black day we will all remember, every member of Saga whom I have met thus far has been a credit to their People and their House.

As I have already said, a Guild might be judged by the actions of its lone representatives. If such is the case, the elders of your house can be proud of their young compatriots.

I have undertaken to send this message because aside from simple courtesy, I believe that it is important that people be acknowledged for their actions and not simply chastised for their transgressions.

It is my hope that my assessment of your guild thus far holds true to the last person.

Asdyr, Paladin of Tunare and Honourary Deputy of Rivervale
((OOC: Please do not construe this as a petition to join the guild; I meant it simply as an IC thank you note as it were.))


Kanina K' Val   
The Beard

Well ye aint met me o' Elsbet yet. Harharhar. That will keep ye far away from Saga's Tavern an' seek out the leada'ship ta give them a g'floggin'.
Well met. Come 'ave a drink with us.


Holy Knight of Tunare

From one Knight to another, I thank thee for your gracious words.
Please do come an have an ale or twenty with us, anytime.



Bah! Thar be enuff elves here already...*grumbles*



Hmmm ... did anyone remember to tip the courier?


The Greatest. Sexiest. Bard. Ever.

I gave her breakfast.