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Member or Veteran
« on: February 07, 2007, 11:38:17 AM »
There are two levels of membership to our guild and family.   

The first level is called ‘Member'.  A 'Member' has gone through the in-game process to become a Member of a SagaFamily Guild.   In addition to the Ingame advantages (bank access, guild management tool, etc.) 'Members' can see both the public forums and the private game related forums after they first post to our boards.

Saga Member status is on a guild-by-guild basis, within the rules set forth in the Charter of Saga. Those wishing to become a member in another chapter of Saga would have an abbreviated initiate period of one week in the new game using the previous knock thread and auto-promotion if nothing concerning was brought up.

The second level is called ‘Veteran. ’  A 'Veteran' has filled out a Roster Card and has gone through the process to become a member of SagaFamily, the term we use to describe our family on these forums.   In addition to seeing the public forums and private game related forums, the Veteran will see the private Out Of Character (OOC) forums, other game forums and the journals.   Essentially, a Veteran can see everything SagaFamily has to offer, with the exception of the Officer forums.

Saga Veterans shall be immediately promoted to Veteran status in each Saga guild they join/choose to play in.

What the Recruit Should Do to Become a 'Member'
:Member Status:

1.  Contact Recruiter for guild
2.  Interact with guild members on /saga and on guild adventures
3.  An initial post to our forums (which can, but does not have to, be filling out the roster card)

The process will take about two weeks and three days after the Recruit is tagged, if the Recruit is actively seeking out Saga in game and getting to know them. Real life concerns may limit this, and probation may be extended at the Recruit’s or an officer’s request.

An explanation of the Recruiting Process can be found here.

What the Recruit Should Do To Become a Veteran
:Veteran Status:
1.  Contact Recruiter for guild and/or become a Member of our guild
2.  Fill out the roster card*
3.  Interact with guild members on the forums
4.  Wait two weeks
5.  Await votes for Veteran

Acquiring the tag ‘Veteran’ can happen simultaneously as the recruit is gaining membership, or it can happen after the recruit has become a member.   These are separate processes with a few steps that can overlap.

It takes two weeks in game time to become a Member of the guild.   It takes two weeks on the forum time to become a Veteran.   Just as becoming a Member in the game guild requires interacting with everyone via adventurers and in /gu and /saga over a two week period, a player seeking Veteran status must make an effort to post to the Forums over a two week period.   We ask folks seeking Veteran status post to the forums so that all veterans of all the guilds have an opportunity to get to know the player interested in joining SagaFamily.
In the event that the Recruit fills out their roster card on the same day they are tagged as a Recruit in the game and the Recruit participates not only in the game but also on the boards, it is possible that the votes for Member and Veteran can be combined to one vote overall.

In most cases, the Recruit becomes a Member then at some point decides to seek Veteran status.   Some have their two weeks for Veteran status overlap their Member’s probationary two weeks, sometimes a Member will decide months later to seek Veteran status.   It is entirely up to the Member to decide when and what level status they wish to attain.

An explanation of the Recruiting Process can be found here, along with the Roster Card.

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