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EQ2 - Staff Positions
« on: February 07, 2007, 12:03:01 PM »
Saga has a few staff postions that are filled on a volunteer basis. These positions may change over time to suit the needs of the guild.

Banker: Responsible for sorting items into the right bank, clearing junk that people throw in there that they shouldnt and yelling nicely at them about it.

Ambassador: makes contact with other guilds, possible alliances and advertises our events to our larger community.

MOI: master/mistress of initiates. Will be responsible for checking the recruit entry hall forum and keeping tabs on all Saga recruits. Will be responsible for checking in on the recruits, answering questions and helping them find their way through the process.

Tradeskill Expert: will be the go-to guru for questions regarding tradeskills. Will update the guild on tradeskill changes. Will moderate the tradeskill forum. Will work with the Banker regarding tradeskill components in the guild bank. Will keep a list of those who request tradeskilled items or compenents for tradeskilling.

Recruiters: all officer mains and designated alts will be recruiters, and 4 members and their designated alts will be recruiters.

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