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New: Leadership List
« on: March 06, 2012, 09:57:10 AM »
Check it out! On the right sidebar, under the Mumble widget (and under the announcements on the home page) is the new Saga Leadership block listing the current leaders of the active guilds. Each name is a link to the person's forum profile, and next to the name is a link to send them a PM.

Courtesy of your friendly neighborhood site-monkey :D
GW2 - Mara Zahn, Raza Soare, Quinxe of the Flutterfoot Acquisitions Krewe, Keeley Bannister
Rift - Faeblight: Alirrin and Jirenn of House Aegan (Guardian); Zakhuani Darkstone (Defiant)
TOR - Alirrin Golfhan'ydor, Amira "Charity" Hask
EQ2 - Antonia Bayle: Quince Flutterfoot, Frixobulus, Sunbeam