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Savannah's Experiences (Fallen Gate EQ2)

Started by Desari, July 14, 2017, 04:28:17 PM

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A small journal that travels in Savannah's backpack.


I am Savannah Dubrinski. I was born in New Tunaria to Sarantha and Liem, a wizard and a ranger. I am the second oldest child and I have 2 younger sisters and a younger brother.

I recently left home, New Tunaria.  My older sister was seduced and turned by a member of Mayong's Host, and then he came for me.   Francesca wasn't enough for Pietr.  Once he turned her and left her with Mayong he came after me. 

And instead of standing my ground, I ran.  I ran to Qeynos. And I know he followed me. He will catch me one day. I only pray that I am strong enough to stand my ground against him and kill him. And perhaps kill my sister. Francesca did not want to be a vampire.  I will free her soul to return to the Mother. I will survive, and I will keep my younger sisters alive. Amalie, Emilie and Henson.


Savannah was walking along the antonican shores, her waist length red hair blowing in the breezes from the ocean. Her teacher in the Eldarr Grove was sending her to the forest to seek falcon eggs. It was the first step in solidifying her growing bond to all animals. Hatch her own bondbird, and raise it by hand, teaching it and training it, and eventually learning to communicate with it.

"Savannah." A dark voice spoke from the trees. Savannah knew that voice. It frightened her, it made her want to run. It was her Sister's seducer and murderer, Pietr. The man that wanted her. And likely her younger sisters as well.

"Pietr. Have you come for justice?" Savannah asked softly, backing away one slow step at a time.

"From you my oh so pure and clean child? No. I've come to ask you to reconsider my offer. Come back with me to Mayong's Court and I will turn you into what you should be. Your sister misses you."  Pietr followed Savannah's steps, keeping the distance between them the same.

"My beloved sister is dead. That foul monster walking around in her body is not my sister. It may look and sound like her, but it is not Francesca."  Another few steps backwards, hoping to lure the vampire towards the docks. Pietr had once been a renda'dal, but he had fled at twenty to Mayong's court to be turned and excelled at being a monster.

"That foul monster, as you call her, misses her family.  But she isn't a monster, no more than  I am.  If I was the monster you believe I am, I would just take you and be done with it." Pietr reached out and pulled Savannah's wrist towards him.  She froze, frightened, fear making her blood smell sweeter to the vampire.  Pietr leaned in and placed a soft kiss on Savannah's lips. When Savannah couldn't pull away he deepened the kiss and then leaned over, biting into her neck. Feeding from her, preventing her from escaping. Forcing her to enjoy the feeding. Her blood was so sweet. The vampire did not take enough to damage her, pulling back and letting the bite bleed.

"That is what you are missing my Savannah. You want it, you desire it. Give in to me, and allow me to turn..." The vampire gurgulled as Savannah thrust the dagger into his heart. It was not silvered, she couldn't afford a silvered blade. But it was enough to get her away from the vampire, running hard for the docks. The vampire did not follow.

Savannah touched the bleeding bite mark on her neck, hating that the vampire had fed from her.  She needed to seek the groves, she needed to seek a place to cleanse herself.  She was renda'dal and she was impure this moment from the vampire that touched her.


Savannah held the falcon egg in her hand, kneeling on the grass of the grove. Her ranger mentor stood over her, talking softly as the egg hatched in her hand. He helped her to feed the small falcon by hand, and she spoke softly to it, marveling at the tiny perfection of it and the feelings she felt from it.

"It's called 'empathy' Savannah." Joffrey spoke softly in response to the look on her features. "In your case, animal empathy. It is the gift that makes you what you are, a beast lord. In the future you might develop the gift of animal mindspeech, and if you do, you will be an excellent spy for the crown."

"Joffrey," Savannah spoke softly, stroking the tiny falcon with one finger, "Do rangers have a similiar ability? My Father was a ranger."

"Some do. No doubt it's where your own gift came from, child." Joffrey stroked Savannah's hair back, and recoiled when he saw the visible vampire mark on her neck, "Savannah." He spoke sternly.

"I know.  I.. Joffrey, it's a long story.  I left New Tunaria because a vampire had seduced and turned my sister. I ran from there rather than be his target. He found me the other night in Antonica.  He.. he pulled me into his body and told me that if he was a monster he would just take me. Instead he did this. He made me -enjoy- it.  I struggled, Joffrey, I plunged my best dagger into his heart."

"Did he, did he force himself..." Savannah shook her head a bit, "Nay, child, did he give you his blood?" Savannah's purple eyes met Joffrey's, "No. He didn't.   He wanted me to ask him for it. I ran.  He wants me to want him, and I don't. He took my Sister from me, Joff."

Joffrey watched Savannah silently as she spoke, hugging the falcon to her. "And what if this vampire doesn't get what he wants, Savannah? What happens then?"

Savannah looked into the distance for a moment, "I'll kill him before I let him turn me, Joff."  Her voice trembled as she spoke.

"Nay, Lass.  If he doesn't get you, would he go after your younger sisters?" Savannah blanched. "I... I'd rather give him me than let him take the girls. Emilie and Amalie... And Henson..."

Joff stroked Savannah's hair again, "I'll aid you in the death of that bloodsucker rather than see you get hurt, but child.... you need to decide what you want.  You know he's messing with you, because that's what vampires do. It's all they have left. And you, Lass. You are his obsession."