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Two new figures enter the tavern

Started by Fizbyn, February 06, 2014, 09:09:11 PM

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::Outside the tavern::

Two short cloaked figures head toward the tavern to get out of the storm raging around them. As they get to the door the the bulkier of the two grabs hold of the iron latch and opens it. The door is blown open with such force that is crashes against the stone wall turning most of the patron's heads. The two figures step inside closing the door after them. Their faces are concealed deep in their hoods and cannot be seen. They look around as the patrons go back to their business and then take a table in a dark corner of the tavern.

::Inside the tavern::

After they sit down the shorter one pulls out a small, what looks to be a ferret, animal from a pocket in the cloak. While it looks like an animal it appears to be made out of some sort of metal. The figure fiddles with it and for a short minute it's eyes glow then they go dark, the figure grumble to himself. The bulkier figure lets out a derisive snort. From under the first ones hood he gives the other an annoyed look. After speaking for a while they look around for someone to take their order....


((I'm assuming that the animal, while metal is not completely metal. If I'm in error, just put Mixxi straight. She's had her fair share of blows to the head, so she might very well be mistaken in what she sees.))

A female halfling, passing near the table, notices what appears to be an artificial animal and shakes her head, snorting in frustration. "Brell's bunions. Did Kheldo forget his blasted hairpiece in here again? Last time he left it in th' soup pot and I was picking hairs out of bowls all night." As if reminded of something, she bustles to a hearth set behind the counter and gives a large cauldron over the fire a stir with a battered langseax, sniffing the contents. Satisfied, she walks back to the newcomers and plants herself in front of the table, hands on her hips.

"I got counter duty tonight, and there's a whole pile of blasted pickaxes fer me t' sharpen as well. You want something?"


The smaller figure doesn't seem to notice the halfling standing at the table. He is too busy fiddling with the object, which now that the halfing has gotten closer can see that it is completely mechanical. As he pushes a little button on the side it makes a mechanical whine and twitches slightly. The larger figure pulls back his hood under which revels a wide face with a full beard of red hair. It is pretty easy to tell now that he is a dwarf.

"Ay lass I'll be havin' an ale. nun 'o that cheap shite either." He turns to the small figure still focused on the little mechanical ferret. "Oye Fiz pull ye head out of yer arse and tell the bonnie lass whit ye want tae drink." Still not getting any response from him the dwarf slams both fists down on the table knocking over the salt and pepper shakers. "Fizbyn!" Finally the figure looks up, pulls back his hood reveling the white beard and balding head of a gnome. "What Brim can't you see I am busy with my fetch o matic." How long hae ye bin workin' on that thin' an in all that time whit has it fetched." Fizbyn shoot him an irritated look, Brim just smiles from ear to ear as if expecting an answer. Brim points to the Halfing standing at the table seemingly amused at the exchange between the two. "Tell 'er whit ye want ta drink stupid she be waitin'". Fizbyn looks over at the halfing, "Ah hello sorry about that but im so close to a break through on my invention, you understand." Brim lets out a derisive snort. Fizbyn shoots a look over to Brim who innocently averts his eyes. Looking back at the halfling Fizbyn continues. "Lets see, do you know how to make a flaming fizbyn.. no probably not i invented that one myself. Just an ale then, oh and lamb chops if you have them if not mutton will do... wait um actually how about stew yes that sounds good.... actually I have had a craving for spiced potatos... with...gravy? Hmm actually nevermind just an ale..." Fizbyn looks back down at his "fetch o matic" and adds in a nearly imperceivable mumble, "although a nice spiced rum would be nice." Brim looks up at the halfling and shrugs while shaking his head.


Jasyn slips out from the back room, clumsily balancing a large, well-loaded tray--stunned into mild panic at the growing audience in the facility's dining area.

"Oh.  Howdy, folks!  So, um, I'm reckonin' the place is already open?"  He ponders rhetorically while trying to quickly improvise tactics to shield his original motives for a "personal snack".

Weaving his way from table to table, he reluctantly parts ways with an unordered offering at each stop, grinning awkwardly at each confused patron as he forces cheer through his teeth.  A tankard of ale at this table.  A jar of pickles at that other table.

By the time he works his way to the poorly lit corner table, he sidles up beside the Halfling, his tray considerably lighter.  As he overtly avoids eye contact with Mixxi (on the short side for an half elf or not, this isn't terribly challenging since he's still taller than any halfling), he places a steaming, savory meat pie (because there's always room for pie) and two Frosty Goblets onto the table.  "This is all's I got left, fellas.  Ain't too sure what's in the goblets, though, but it's fizzy 'n prolly tickles."

Jasyn tucks the empty tray beneath his arm and discreetly peers at Mixxi out of his periphery, hoping to tiptoe away before there are any uncomfortable questions.


A few moments later the door blows open again to reveal another figure. This time it's a man as he proudly strides in. He wears garb that might have been fancy but have worn over time. As he closes the door a single coin drops from his pocket. The man doesn't seem to notice and proceeds to the bar.

At the bar the man pulls out a small journal and proceeds to jot a number of things down. After scribbling down a few notes he closes the journal and puts his hand over his forehead. "That makes 3 things I've forgotten today. First the boots, then the papers, now the whole blasted appointment."

"Wine if you have it, strong Ale if you don't" He calls out to the server.


Brim watches Jasyn leave and turns back to Mixxi and asks, "Do ye knew where we can be gettin' a room lass the weather ain't fit for man nor beastie t'night." As Brim continues to talk to her Fizbyn sees the newcomer enter and watches the the coin falls from him. Fizbyn gets up and move over to where the coin it, picks it up, and puts it in his pocket as he walks back to the table. Brim has been watching the whole thing out the corner of his eye as he is talking to Mixxi when Fizbyn sits back down Brim smacks the back of his head and give him a disapproving look. Fizbyn gives him a "what?" look and Brim looks over at the man at the bar. Fizbyn lets out a Grudging sign and gets up and move toward the man at the bar.