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Tariq (Black Desert Online)

Started by Mixxi, March 30, 2016, 03:53:39 PM

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He'd sat on the sand for hours. Night had become day, and the ocean had moved away as if it was uncomfortable being so close to him. Tariq licked his lips and tasted salt.

He looked down the beach as if seeing it for the first time. Dark heaps of seaweed were piled haphazardly on the sand. Driftwood and shells lay scattered among them. He stood and walked to a boulder at the water's edge. A square red leather case balanced on the top as if someone had set the elegant thing down carefully at the site of a picnic. He took it and opened a compartment in the side, staring dumbly as water drained out.

Hugging the case to his chest, he picked his way between the piles of seaweed, coming to a halt by one that seemed to have been dragged up the beach by someone.

By him.

Only it wasn't a heap of seaweed. None of them were.

He knelt by the drowned man and undid the golden clasps of the case, opening the sides like petals of a flower. The tiny stove sparked to life, and Tariq took the kettle to the ocean's edge to fill it with sea water. It was all he had, and Daoud would not mind. The metal box from the compartment was still sealed with wax, and the tea inside was dry and fragrant. He closed his eyes and breathed the smell of home.

He poured steaming water into an alabaster cup and held the herbs and dried blossoms over it for a moment, looking thoughtfully at the man beside him. What could he say? Holding the leaves close to his lips he murmured, "He was my friend," and cast them on the water. He hollowed out a space for the cup in the sand and then packed the kettle and canister away, snapping the clasps closed.

He stood with his back to the ocean, this strange land in front of him. Stepping forward, he walked toward more green growing things than he had ever dreamed existed.