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Started by Tuvan, November 12, 2020, 04:28:03 PM

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The door creaks a bit more than he'd like as it opens.  Maybe it has been a bit too long since he'd last put some oil on it.


The words echo a bit more than they used to.  He wonders if anyone is there to hear them.  There once was.  A lifetime ago.

- Tuvan (EQ - whatever Vazaelle has become....)
- Tuvan Vazaelle - SW:TOR (not sure what server)


We're still around.
Just spread out a lot. Like a lot.
But people swing by and say Hi often.
So, Hi!
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There are folks active here and there as Pinkie mentioned. I know of at least a few folks playing old school EQ on FV server. And some folks in EQ2, and Elder Scrolls online....not sure where else just now.

Dunno if anyone is doing much in SWTOR currently?
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Horizons - Belail
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EQ Phinigel - Kiran, Trajak


Seemingly appearing from nowhere, he could have been lurking in the back room or asleep on the floor. It was hard to say, but from the looks of him, either was plausible.

"Oooh, howdy there!" He carried a mug and a small platter of something resembling a gelatinous meat cube. "Care for some ale 'n canned, processed variety meat? Unfortunately, we're fresh outta pickles. It'sa a bring your own pickles kinda day."

"But if ya love canned, processed variety meat, today's your lucky day! We get lotsa travelin' sales halflins comin' by to drop off free samples of the stuff all the time. Plenty of it stocked in back 'n it, like, keeps forever. S'posed to improve your virility for four hours or somethin'. Heh."


A very young Teir'dal looks up at both the runt and the stranger. "I wouldn't touch anything he tries to give you. Not even with a poleaxe."  She wrinkles her nose at the variety meat.  "And yes, there are many of us around scattered across the different dimensions.   Come in, have a seat, be mindful of what people try to give you" looks sideways at the runt. " and make yourself at home once again."
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